Ye gods! Fantasm is right around the bend. The last Fantasm, the final blow out. Ooo.

And hey, on Thursday’s programming they’re having a “Fantasm Fannies” awards for celebrating “those who have made Fantasm the thing we all know and love. It will be an evening full of award presentation, entertainment, and music”.

If you’re a Fantasm goer, go nominate someone for an award. Go, shoo! And if you don’t know who to nominate, try thinking “banana” and “black vinyl” for inspiration for Ms Fantasm .

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4 Responses to Fantasm!

  1. kittymel says:

    To vote for the FAntasm Fannies – foplks can go hereand here. the poll was so big I had to split it into two parts!

  2. mouseferatu says:

    Last Fantasm? Why’s that?

    And as far as Ms Fantasm, I’m just not sure. Maybe you should post more pictures of the black vinyl. 😉

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Last Fantasm because the directors are all going off to do their own things. I think there are something like two or three new conventions in the area spawned from Fantasm now.

      Hmm, pictures, you say? Oh, okay. Because you asked nicely:

      Me and the fabulous banana

      Black vinyl shiny goodness


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