Fantasm Day (night) 3

The Final Fantasm blow out has left me groggy and even more incoherent than I was yesterday. I’m sure I’m down a significant number of brain cells. So, more shiny pictures!

First off, my panel with wicked_wish and jackzodiac, The Dark Side of Publishing, whereupon we bitched and complained for an hour and a half about the publishing nightmares we’ve personally experienced. Cathartic whee.

Matthew wanted to see the hypnotist show, so off we went. Forteneau requested volunteer subjects, and off Matthew and dude_the scampered to the stage (along with something like twenty-five other eager convention-goers). They were mercilessly humiliated. I giggled much. (Pardon the blurry image. Had to turn the flash off):

Hooked up with various excellent folk and off we went into the party battles.

People: Melanie in her Trinity costume, wicked_wish and moriarty6, puskunk and his lovely wife Ginny, jackzodiac ready to party, glenn5, Dean (I made the mistake of getting into a flashbulb duel with Dean. He won. A lot. I was seeing spots for a loooong time afterward), and Drew, who got into a confrontation with a bottle and a half of merlot on Friday night. (As you can see from the gash on his forehead and the broken glasses, the wine kicked his ass.)

People watching at Fantasm is always prime:

Party games:
All the parties were moved into the main area due to the Fire Marshall incident from the previous night, which really messed up some of the event schedules, but we were able to catch Mobicon’s events. First up was the Banana Eating Contest:

The contestants (with Remy and his lovely wife, Widgett, who took first and second places respectively in the middle). It was an impressive showing, talent galore!

Remy during his winning performance. Unfortunately, his beautiful assistant blocked my shot of Remy’s face, so I wasn’t able to get a good picture of his technique.

Ah, religion.

Then I got called up to perform my civic duty, assisting with the wet t-shirt and wet boxer contests. Instead of taking pictures, I poured water over luscious, scantily-clad boys and girls. Then there was alcohol. And when the alcohol wore off, there was Remy on my lap and his on/off switch, which left me light-headed and giddy. Purr. Very sad that Fantasm has ended. Not sure when we’ll get a chance to hook up with Remy and Widgett again, which depresses me incredibly. I love them both!

Got back in at around 4:30, and I can barely see straight now. Matthew and dude_the are watching The Big Lubowski. I think I may have a nap.

Got a slew of Tangent work that needs my attention, but not right now . . . .snzzzzzz.

[Edit: Ooo! I found a picture that a con-goer took of me and Matthew during the parties:]

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37 Responses to Fantasm Day (night) 3

  1. I love your new icon…

    Looks like you had so much fun!! I just wish there’s MORE OF YOU pictures. Your pictures are the only one I really care about here….but it’s nice you’ve show others too. Anyhoo, have a nice Sundae!!

    • fings says:

      Re: I love your new icon…

      Here’s one with me and Eugie at the Masquerade:

      Sadly one of my camera cards is giving sector errors, and so it looks like I lost a good chunk of my Saturday photos.

      • Re: I love your new icon…

        aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww….that’s a NICE picture of the two of you!! I love that. I love that masks. Eugie looks so lovely (as always).

      • Eugie Foster says:

        Re: I love your new icon…

        Thanks so much for posting that picture! Bummer about your technical difficulties. Hope you haven’t lost too much. That royally sucks.

        • dionycheaus says:

          Re: I love your new icon…

          I’m learning something about these fantasm pics. the background is just as interesting as whomever is posing. currently, in looking at this masquerade photo [and the mask is gorgeous, eugie] my eye has been drawn to the form of the young man in the black underware in the upper-left hand corner, casually [or so it seems] engaging in conversation. Yummerss…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: I love your new icon…

      I was the main person behind the view finder, which means no shots of me on our camera. But there were lotso flashbulbs in my eyes, so I’m sure there will be pix floating around. I did find one of Matthew and me from last night:

      • Re: I love your new icon…

        Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww…..You just look so lovely Eugie. You two make a wonderful couple!! You look good together. I just love this photo so much, I love the way you pose here. Aaaahhh, you’re just a natural model. 😀

      • palmerwriter says:

        Re: I love your new icon…

        I’m glad you had a good time, Eugie. Now it’s time to get ready for Dragon*Con!


        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: I love your new icon…

          Dragon*Con, rah! Although it’s a totally different sort of convention for me. I typically don’t get to see a single party at D*C. Pout. Folks keep threatening to drag me off to do some partying one of these D*Cs, but I keep explaining to them that if I have time to party, I have time to sleep . . . and eat.

          • palmerwriter says:

            Re: I love your new icon…

            I don’t party at D*C either. I go there to meet other writers, sit on as many panels as possible, check out the dealer’s room, and gawk at the costumes.

  2. mroctober says:

    Too bad I missed the end. Sounds like a balst. I might have even found a guy willing to kiss me (seems like the last sex I had was Fantasm long ago). Hmm, no doubt you had horror stories about my editorial demands.

  3. elmwood says:


    Wow, Eugie, it all looks amazing fun. Why is fantasm ending? Have I missed the explanation somewhere? Being English and now Canadian, I would probably be way too inhibited to attend, but one can dream …

  4. valiskeogh says:

    mmmmmmmmm…. eugie bootie…..

  5. amokk says:

    Man, I wish we could have gone to Fantasm…

  6. leahbobet says:

    …Matthew looks scarily like someone I know.

    That’s all. *g*

  7. dean13 says:

    Looked like fun. Glad to see that more alternate cons are rising from the ashes of Fantasm. The conferences I attend never have have Banana Eating Contests! I am definitely attending the wrong kind of conventions.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s not a party without bananas! Or, err, something like that. You should’ve gone to Fantasm! That whole living in CA thing, piffle, I sez.

      Looking forward to seeing you at Dragon*Con!

  8. tstauffer says:

    I had a lot of fun. Still feeling the hangover, but it was worth it. 🙂 I really enjoyed being on the panels with you. You rock! I especially enjoyed watching Remy twitch in your lap and was amazed at the number of remotes that were out there. It was my first Fantasm and sadly my last, but I’m looking forward to FrolicCON next year. Hopefully I’ll see you and Matt before then. We should hook up sometime. -Toni

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It was fantastic meeting you and getting a chance to panel and party with you! I’m so amused that your party stamina and proclivity exceeds your 18-year-old daughter’s! Hee!

      We need to definitely hook up at Frolicon, if not before!

  9. jackzodiac says:

    Eugie you rock!!! and I can’t wait to see you guys again… just got back in and need sleep now… though I did sleep in my car again for 10 hours at a South Carolina rest stop because I could no longer keep my eyes open… and I need a shower now because I smell like a gamer…


  10. hyperscoot says:

    loved that mask. Wish I would have thought of bringing a decent one myself for the masquerade ball. It was amazingly fun partying with you and Matt, hopefully I will get a chance again at Dragon/Frolicon.

    I can’t believe Drew got his ass kicked so bad by a wine bottle. Atleast it makes a good story to tell.


    • Eugie Foster says:

      It was lovely meeting you and Drew! We had a great time partying and chatting with you. Definitely look us up at Dragon*Con. Frolicon is too far away! Go. To. Dragon*Con. You are getting sleepy . . . wooo . . . Go. To. Dragon*Con.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If I had a choice in spelling my last name, I might have gone with Pinyin ‘b’ instead of Wade-Giles ‘p’ and completely changed the vowel…”Be” is probably closest to the Mandarin pronunciation.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have seen your pictures. They are exceptionally droolworthy. And your outfit in the above pic is hyper-cute. You worry too much, O My Editor. 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    Wow. That is one sexy shot. And you were worried about the bikini shot?!

    I haven’t critted anything for ages, either. I’m thinking about going into hiatus. In fact, I haven’t written for months… Writing Self seems to have gone on a trek into the Great Unknown and forgot to take the rest of us with her. Bitch.

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