Flowing along

Did another 1100 words on the Japanese Horror story, bringing it to zero draft. Also started and completed another folk tale–around 1600 words on that. That’s three stories in less than a week. Apparently I really was stewing too much on the whole novel thing. As soon as I decided to rattle off some shorts, my writing gear went into overdrive.

Writing in fits and starts, that’s me. I wish there were a way for me to maintain my highest level of productivity consistently.

Matthew first-readered the Japanese Horror piece. Shaved off 500 words in the rewrite. Up to Critters it goes. Except Matthew said it read more like a fairy tale, which isn’t that surprising as it’s a very traditionally-styled piece, but I’m not sure if I should label it “H” or “F” for the queue. It seems I run into that conundrum rather frequently. Humph.

Also, my Tangent review of the March 2003 issue of Oceans of the Mind is now open to the public. And I got a nice email from Chris Nakashima-Brown for my review of his story “Script-Doctoring the Apocalypse” in Infinite Matrix. Guess that means at least one person read it.

Rejections over the weekend:
“Nice writing but . . . ” from JJA at F&SF.
“Good stuff here but . . . ” from Strange Horizons.
“We won’t be publishing this but look forward to seeing more” from Glimmer Train.


In better news, I’ve just passed the 100-day mark on a fairy tale I sent to Cricket. In my experience, everything they’ve kept for consideration for over a hundred days, they’ve either bought, or requested a rewrite of and then bought. So my hopes are climbing.

Also, it’ll be exactly one year in a few days since I sent a sub to The Strand. Might be time to query them again.

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6 Responses to Flowing along

  1. ex_girlmech says:

    Do you have like, a big sheet with everything you have submitted to everywhere, the date you did it, etc? You are so organized.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, hell yeah. I’ve currently got over thirty-five works out to various markets. If I didn’t keep impeccable records, I’d screw up constantly.

      Each story has its own log which documents where I’ve sent it, and I’ve also got a “master log” which lists every story I have circulating, as well as how long it’s been out and other vital stats.

      And I also keep hard copy folders for each story where I store my rejection/acceptance letters, contracts, galley proofs, etc.

      Half of writing is business . . .

  2. fahkingnut says:

    Keep jamming away! You’re the most steady writer that I know.

    Love & Hugs,

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Really? Wow, thanks! I thought I was a totally flibbertigibbet sort of writer. I’ve gotten blocked so many times I’ve lost count!

      • fahkingnut says:

        I’m quite possibly the worst writer. Struggling with the bi-polar and the block I haven’t written an original piece this century except for the Daily Dragon.

        Love & Hugs,

  3. reudaly says:

    You’re more patient with The Strand than I was. I withdrew my submission after six months when the query I got from them was “We’re probably still considering it…”

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