Foraging in our backyard

Neat! Our backyard over by the (defunct) koi pond is being overgrown by wild blackberry bushes! Don’t know where they came from, but I’m utterly delighted to have them. Tonight, Matthew and I went out and picked some of the early ripe berries–about a double handful–sprinkled sugar over them, and had them for dessert. Yummy!

It is so very cool that we’ve got wild berry plants in our backyard! Although they’ve got some pretty impressive thornage going on. Got snagged a couple times hunting for ripe berries. But it was definitely worth it.

Matthew might go out with some twine next week and tie some of the plants up so we can harvest the fruit better.

My god. We’re gardening. Who woulda thunk it?

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4 Responses to Foraging in our backyard

  1. Plants with thorns are great, if you have teenaged boys living next door.

  2. amokk says:

    Gardening is evil, evil I say!

    I’m so sick of having a yard…

    I just wanted a large, flat, grassy area and a riding mower so I could zone for a couple hours. I get hilly ground with more weeds than grass and a push mower. Suck.

    Gardening is still evil.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Normally, we feel the same way. We hate doing yard-work (and I can’t tolerate either the sun or the touch of some unidentified plant-life that appears to be prolific in our yard), but wild berries that we didn’t have to plant or weed or water are different. All we have to do is go out and pick!

      And I’ve grown to love looking at the outdoors here in Georgia. It’s just so much more lush and varied and colorful than the stunted, scrubby, blah stuff in the Midwest.

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