Frozen Editor and Galleys of Returning My Sister’s Face

So cold. So very, very cold.

The office at work is freezing. I’m downing hot tea, wearing my coat and gloves, and I still can’t get warm. I haven’t turned on the space heater under my desk yet, ’cause it always dries out my contacts. And I can’t edit if I can’t see. But I’m nearing the point of not caring about my eyes anymore. Plus, I can’t edit if I can’t feel my fingers either.

*shiver shiver*


Writing Stuff

New Words:
• 350 on The Stupid Novel. Must. Get. To. Zero draft.

• Galley proofs of Returning My Sister’s Face from norilana. I’m very pleased with the layout; it’s elegant and readable. I can’t wait to hold the finished product in my eager little hands.

Y’know, it’s not like I haven’t received tons of proofs before, but I can’t seem to wipe the silly grin off my face as I review this one. Every stage of getting this collection ready for publication gives me the same sense of excitement and glee as I used to get when I first started making sales.

And somewhat disturbingly, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” is now playing through my head. Umm…

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13 Responses to Frozen Editor and Galleys of Returning My Sister’s Face

  1. alankria says:

    Well, it is slightly more than a single short story. =D

  2. alaneer says:

    Aw, I wish I could send you some warmth.

    *Squee* galleys. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the galleys, Eugie! Please try to stay warm. Even here, we’re having a cold snap.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks, Marshall!

      I’ve never been good with the cold, even though I grew up in the Midwest, but after living in the South going on nine years now, I’ve gone totally and completely soft. Can’t tolerate so much as a hint of chill in the air anymore. Wah!

      • terracinque says:

        I’m an Atlanta native, of course, but I can’t remember hating the winters so much before I moved back from Hawai’i. I think Honolulu’s climate permanently thinned my blood.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          When we go back to the Midwest for Christmas, every time we need to venture outside, I’m utterly miserable. More miserable even than I remember being when we lived there, and that was pretty miserable. Brrr. Never want to live in a northern clime again in my life!

  4. amberdine says:

    Hey, our novels have the same title! 🙂

  5. dean13 says:

    Congrats on Galley Proofs!
    In the past I resorted to wearing gloves with the finger tips cut off, a hat and a heating pad under my sweatshirt. It felt so good to slide cold my hands into my heating pad warmed sweatshirt pockets. Of course, there was the small matter of being plugged in when I stood up.
    Thankfully, my new office is considerably warmer than the old. The cold weather gear is no longer needed.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s much better today than it was yesterday, thank goodness. It’s not that they keep the temperature egregiously cold at work all the time but that the central heating and A/C system are old and capricious. There were days in summer when I was freezing as well as ones where I was sweltering. Yesterday was particularly chilly for some reason! Blah.

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