Generally blah, but in an upbeat way

Sicking-up skunk, tetchy Internet connection (spork-you, Comcast!), and a sinus headache with no Sudafed.


The week has gotten off to something of a rocky start, although I remain fairly upbeat, all things considered. And I have my talisman against rain, my trusty umbrella. It seems a cosmic truth that it never rains when I have the thing. Or perhaps it’s the corollary, that it always rains when I forget it. Either the rain gods love me, or they hate me.

(Note to self: make appropriately soggy sacrifice to rain gods.)

And, oh yeah, happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties. Yahrr.


Writing Stuff

Got the last (I mean it this time) Dragon*Con articles edited and published to the Daily Dragon, including an excellent interview by yukinooruoni and Claire-of-no-LJ (Edit: ooo, she actually has an LJ: esbita) with the Mythbusters Build Team.

New Words/Editing:
– Did a final editing pass on and sent off the story for lynnejamneck‘s anthology. That’s one hamster down.
– 500 words on the collaboration story I’m doing with mtrimm1 and lobbed it back. Another hamster in orbit, although this one will rocket back.
– 400 words on the Japanese Dreams story, which still lacks a title. Juggling juggling juggling.

– Galley proofs of “Returning My Sister’s Face” for the Best New Fantasy: 2005 anthology edited by oldcharliebrown. It says on the Amazon listing that it came out already (on Sept. 6), but that’s patently not the case. Soon is the buzzword. It promises to be pretty.

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12 Responses to Generally blah, but in an upbeat way

  1. yukinooruoni says:

    (Note to self: make appropriately soggy sacrifice to rain gods.)

    Pudge likes peanut butter sandwiches. Not tuna sandwiches. Peanut butter sandwiches.

    As Lilo says:

    Hula Teacher: Lilo, why are you all wet?
    Lilo: It’s sandwich day. Every Thursday I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich…
    Hula Teacher: “Pudge” is a fish?
    Lilo: And today we were out of peanut butter. So I asked my sister what to give him, and she said “a tuna sandwich”. I can’t give Pudge tuna.
    Lilo: Do you know what tuna IS?
    Hula Teacher: Fish?
    Lilo: [hysterical] It’s fish. If I gave Pudge tuna, I’d be an abomination. I’m late because I had to go to the store and get peanut butter ’cause all we have is… is… Stinkin’ tuna.
    Hula Teacher: Lilo, Lilo, why is this so important?
    Lilo: [calm] Pudge controls the weather.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oo! I love love LOVE Lilo and Stitch! Hobkin’s godmother has a skunk named Stitch, and it’s SO appropriate. After we saw the movie, I had the urge to check Hobkin for an extra set of arms!

  2. klandaghicat says:

    Hobkin is still up-chucking? Artie does it regularly when he’s over-fed. Sammy has the sense to stop eating when he’s full. Any medical reason? If not, check his food intake. I’ve got a personal theory that some domestic skunks will over-eat and hurl later in order to horde food. Generally, if you let them, they’ll re-eat what they’ve thrown up.
    And the weather last night messed up the TV cable, but not the internet.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hobkin seems to go through seasonal phases of sicking up. He’s fine for months and months, and then he goes through a period where he throws up nearly every night. And it’s always after dinner, never after breakfast or lunch.

      We’ve brought him to the vet’s and they haven’t been able to isolate a cause. They prescribed him some medication which calms his tummy; I think it’s an anti-spasm/anti-nausea agent, and we give him Pepto Bismol (on bread) to treat the symptoms, but we’ve never gotten a diagnosis of any root cause.

      I’ve kept a food diary for him to see if it was maybe food allergies, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. And we haven’t changed anything between now and a couple weeks ago when he was fine.

      I don’t think it’s from him gorging, though. Hobkin has shown that he’ll quit eating when he’s full. He does walk away from food when he’s done–usually the “less desirable” veggies like celery and carrots. He’ll then go back and finish his leftovers in a few hours if we leave them out for him. Also, he has no interest in re-eating what he regurgitates.

      I do wonder if it’s some sort of seasonal stress. I get sinus headaches when the seasons change, and so does Matthew. Plus they can make me nauseous. If Hobkin gets them, maybe they upset his tummy too, and he can’t exactly pop over to the medicine cabinet and pop a couple Sudafeds. I gave him a couple drops of Rescue Remedy with his dinner last night, and he didn’t sick up. I’m going to try that again for a few more nights to see if that does the trick.

  3. Wow, on all the hamster tossing achievements. I’ll be looking for the Best Fantasy anthology. Keep us updated.

  4. When you are feeling better, I have a massive hamster (hopefully it isn’t pregnant) to herd into your general direction. Although, this hamster will probably also be carrying a coinpurse. 😀

    Did I mention recently that I am caught on a runaway train that’s going about 100 MPH, and I am not sure if it’s going to crash or not?

    By the way, I have a whole bag of sporks with Comcast’s name all over them… bloody Spam Cop villainry!! *hiss*

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Ooo, a hamster with a coinpurse! I like those. Although I’m a little frightened by any hamster you’d refer to as “massive,” considering your workload–you’re like the only person I know who I feel silly bitching to about my hamster encumbrance. But hey, I’ll jump on the runaway train with you. We can rattle our sporks and fling them out the window in the general direction of Comcast.

      Err, I’m hoping this big-boned hamster isn’t on a tight deadline, as I’d like to drop-kick a few of his smaller relatives out the door before I try hefting him.

  5. basletum says:

    Sorry to hear about Hobkin getting sick again. And congrats on your story making it into the Best New Fantasy 2005 anthology! WooHoo!

    BTW: In a couple weeks, I’ll be back online soon without having to go to the library and being limited to only 1 hour a day. In other words…

    I Shall Return!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      BTW: In a couple weeks, I’ll be back online soon without having to go to the library and being limited to only 1 hour a day.


      Does that mean your job hunt was fruitful?

      • basletum says:

        Somewhat, if you call flipping burgers for Rally’s at minimum wage fruitful. I’ll be moving to Hilliard, Ohio, to help my sister take care of Mom, and in exchange I have less rent to pay and perhaps a $9.00/hr job where my Brother-in-Law works (assuming I’m able to pass through the Temp service). Better still, Sis has online access.

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