Getting My Geek On

Check out the new! vylar-kaftan (talented writer/fabu pal/fellow Launchpad alum) contracted me to overhaul her site. We’re still tweaking it, but it went live yesterday. Shiny?

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3 Responses to Getting My Geek On

  1. peadarog says:

    Yeah, it looks clean 🙂

  2. norilana says:

    Lovely! I particularly like the blue sky starry top logo. 🙂

  3. palmerwriter says:

    That looks great, Eugie! I’d love to use a blog platform when I redesign my site, but alas, my Wordpres fu is not strong. It feels even more tedious than writing it in FrontPage, and I can’t even get pictures to display in my copywriting blog posts. Then there’s that whole no money thing.

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