*hack cough* and Harry Potter

I feel like I’m fixating on the enthusiasm with which my lungs are trying to leap free of my chest, but it’s hard not to. It’s like my lungs are in a perpetual state of spasm or impending spasm. It sucks. Got an appointment to see my GP tomorrow. Although I wonder if I should see a specialist. I’ve learned more about Lupus by poking around online than I have from any of my normal run-of-the-mill doctors. It’s such an uncommon condition, I tend to think a specialist would give me better care. Then again, most medical personnel point me to a Rheumatologist when I tell them I’ve got Lupus, and joint problems aren’t my main problem (yet). I dunno.

Anyway, we went out to see Chamber of Secrets yesterday. There was quite a range of ages in the theater. And all of them were well-behaved! Not a single screaming, wailing, or talking audience member for the whole film. Neat.

I think they did a better job translating book to screenplay with this one. They followed the book pretty slavishly, but not to the point of the first movie, which I think included more side bits than it really ought to have for pacing’s sake. Very pretty, of course. Although Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley, looked constipated for most of the film. I tend to blame the director for that more than the actor.

But the ending was kinda . . . weird. There was a huge climactic cheering/rousing music bit for nothing all that stirring. Huh.

But it was fun. And I ate more greasy popcorn than I should have.

I’m having my first Christmas shopping anxiety fit too. What’s the perfect thing to buy for family/friends/hubby? Oh, the agony!

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  1. Talk about some doctors, I just chose this new doctor name Dr. Pepper. Ha! I thought it’s a lot easier to remember. Yeah, you should go to a doctor, you’ve been sick long enough…

  2. dwivian says:

    The perfect gift is Partylite Candles! Need a catalog? I can send you a catalog. I have catalogs. Want a catalog? I have some. You can order candles. And give them as gifts.

    Need candles? *grin*

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