Halloween weekend

Found out that Cohn, one of Hobkin’s godmother’s skunks died. He was the one that came back to life on the operating table after dying. Apparently the tumor that they weren’t able to totally excise from him regrew very quickly. It’s devastating for Debbie. She worked so hard to keep him alive after his miraculous return–sleeping on the floor with him so she could be there if he stirred, taking him to work with her everyday. Cohn was the sweetest skunk too, the friendliest baby I’d ever met. Very sad. Going to send her a card. Wish there was something else we could do. Going to go hug Hobkin now.

Today our friends dude_the and Nick-with-no-LJ are flying in to spend the Halloween weekend with us. We were also expecting Dean, but he is combating a mighty plague and had to cancel last minute. Major bummer. But I am greatly looking forward to seeing dude_the and Nick, and engaging in much Halloween frivolity.

I have completed the final details of my costume. It’s the silliest costume I’ve ever assembled–for Halloween or any other occasion–but I will be comfortable in it! No corsets, stiletto heels, awkward accessories, or heavy chains in sight. Hmm. Am I getting frumpy in my advancing years? Oh dear.

Writing Stuff:

500 new words. I just can’t seem to get into “flow” mode, dammit.

Also managed to do a Critters critique (for your story britzkrieg).

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  1. No corsets, stiletto heels……

    You can borrow mine. For some strange reason, I still have this stiletto clear sandals. I only wore them ONCE in my life and never again. Hubby don’t really take me out in fancy places like the live theatres. *grump* anyway…I still keep it coz I think they’re cute. 😀

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