Hanging in there

Thanks to everyone who posted well wishes yesterday. I’m still hurting today, but I’m better. I love Sudafed. It makes me sniffly and wired, but anything that eases the pressure is a godsend.

Dragged Matthew out for a walk. We both could use the exercise. It was a lovely evening, cool and soft. It helped my headache, although my wingstubs still ached. Makes for a hard time writing, but it was good to get out. Also had a nice, long soak in the hot tub, which helped unkink the muscles that are all tensed up from hurting all the time. Trying to limit my non-writing keyboard time to give my body a chance to heal. Trying.

10 min/day

Writing Stuff

keesa_renee, fellow Critter (currently on hiatus), totally made my day. In her LJ post yesterday she listed her favorite short stories, and she included two of mine with works by O. Henry and H.C. Bunner. I need to print that post frame it. It put a much needed glowy smile on my face. Thank you, Keesa. I’m honored beyond words. And, to further illustrate how totally cool she is, she introduced me to the most amazing concept, BookCrossing, where folks set their books free to be enjoyed by others.

New Words: 550 on the short story

Club 100 For Writers


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9 Responses to Hanging in there

  1. palmerwriter says:

    Feel Better

    Sorry to hear your feeling under the weather. Also, if you’ll forgive my ignorance, just what are wingstubs? The fantasist in me pictures you soaring over Alpharetta when the weather’s nice, though I know that cannot be the case.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Feel Better

      Unfortunately, I am a flightless wing-stubbed Eugie. I’ve got Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (because I need more chronic ailments, lucky me). There’s an extra set of ribs in my neck which rubs against the nerve when I overuse my arms (excessive typing & mousing) sending sharp pains and tingling shooting up and down my arms. It’s a repetitive motion thing.

      When we first saw the x-rays in my neurologist’s office, Matthew and I had a discussion regarding whether I was sprouting wings or Cthulu-tentacles. The jury’s still out . . .

      • gardenwaltz says:

        Re: Feel Better

        ouch. i take it just snipping those things out is not an option.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Feel Better

          It is an option, but not one I’m prepared to take yet. It’s considered a “last resort” treatment, and I’m not impressed by the success rate. With surgery so close to the nerve, some people who underwent the surgery continued to have pain due to the damage done during the procedure. Blah.

          • gardenwaltz says:

            Re: Feel Better

            drat. i have been joking with my chiropractor about getting teflon coated bones to make adjustments easier. it really does seem that some of these pesky bio things could be handled a lot more gracefully with the use of space-age components.

      • palmerwriter says:

        Re: Feel Better


        Sorry to hear that. Maybe it’ll turn out to be something cool like wings or tentacles or adamantium claws.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: Feel Better

          Ooo, adamantium claws! That was one possibility that hadn’t occurred to us. Cool, I could tear through metal with a swipe of my arms. Woot!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Book Crossing. I’ve been trying to get the nerve up to “lose” a copy of one of my novels and see where it ends up. Glad you’re a bit better, Eugie. Anne Fitten

  3. keesa_renee says:

    :huggles: I’m so sorry you’re feeling bad, Eugie–but I’m glad I made you feel better!

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