Happy (belated) Vernal Equinox!

I’m not dwelling on the war. Refusing to dwell on the war. I have a friend who’s in the air force reserves. They haven’t called him for active duty, but it’s hanging there, the possibility that they might.

Agh. Not dwelling on the war!

So . . . this week has seen several important holidays:
Hob Day/St. Patrick’s day on Monday
Feast of the Lady on Tuesday
The Vernal Equinox yesterday
And Ostara on Saturday

To celebrate, Matthew and I put up our Spring decorations. We bought a topiary bush and adorned it with berry sprigs and a string of butterfly lights, and have hung a pair of light strings over the fireplace encased in these little wicker balls so the resultant shadow gives the room a forest glade ambiance.

And, since Spring is all about renewal and feasting, we’ve feasted.

On the menu this week: fresh baked beer bread, homemade bourbon balls (actually, we didn’t have any bourbon so substituted scotch and when my back was turned, Matthew sploshed a little extra in than the recipe called for, so there’s a definite kick to these), delicious apple and parsnip soup, Matthew’s amazing eggplant parmesan, parsnip cakes, and fresh asparagus and plum tomatoes sautéed in olive oil over pasta. Yummy.

Happy Spring everyone.

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