Happy December

Winter has finally hit Atlanta. I was actually quite cold this morning, although my friends from back in the Midwest would probably point and laugh if they heard me saying that. But I’ve broken out the sweaters and arctic fleece, and am now tromping around the house in my Grinch slippers. Happily, unlike the ferrets who would rend and tear anything on our feet, Hobkin seems unimpressed and/or unexcited by fuzzy slippers and leaves them alone. He has also, if it’s possible, gotten softer and fluffier–and lazier. Winter is apparently a very important napping month for skunk-kind.

December is here. And, despite my dislike of anything cold and shivery, it’s my favorite month of the year. It’s got Christmas/Winter Solstice with Santa Claus and stockings-hung-by-the-fireplace and sugar cookies and presents and festive cards, and my birthday and New Year’s Eve all in the span of thirty-one little days.

Writing stats:
Pfft. No words. No writing. Not even any rewriting. Dammit.

Got a rejection from Crimewave. The editor said “We’d definitely like to see more of your stories though, so please keep trying” which takes some of the sting out. But a “no” is still a “no.”

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8 Responses to Happy December

  1. haikujaguar says:

    The ‘no’s that are almost ‘yes’s are somehow harder to take than the form letter ‘no’s, aren’t they? 😛

  2. britzkrieg says:

    Got a rejection from Crimewave.

    I’ve never heard of that publication. Is it on Ralan.com anywhere? What do you know about it? Did you submit a story I’m familiar with?

    Good luck next time! And remember, only two weeks until we hear back (or don’t) from Creative Loafing…

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Crimewave is listed in Ralan.com under “Paying Markets.” It’s edited by Andy Cox and put out by the same folks who put out The Third Alternative, the pro UK SF mag. It does Crime/Mys/Thriller with H/DF tones.

      I sent them a long shot, something I’ve had circulating for a while (before you joined Critters so it wouldn’t be anything of mine you’ve read). It’s a good story, gotten some excellent feedback from editors, but hasn’t been able to find a home. It doesn’t help that it’s a novelette and thereby deep into the “unsellable” range. Argh.

  3. Prolly Hobkin reminded your slippers of him, “Mommy, how could you use me for a slipper?” *teehee*

  4. soyfaerie says:

    You should get Hobkin some slippers =0)

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