Happy Limerick Day!

Yep, my shiny 2003 Taylup Calendar informs me that today is Limerick Day!

Poetry for the common man, eponymously named after the Irish town, a limerick is a five-line poem in anapestic trimeter, renown for humorous and bawdy content. Go, limericks!

And no, I’m not going to torture anyone with my doggerel efforts. I ain’t no poet. But don’t let my reticence stop y’all!

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One Response to Happy Limerick Day!

  1. i_love_roman says:

    There once was a woman named Mead.
    To get laid was her direst need.
    So she went to Samoa
    Where the priest said ‘bend over’
    And she came of Age in Samoa indeed!

    ummm. This was ‘written’ at four in the morning while writing an essay on the said Mead. Please excurse bawdeyness

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