Happy Lumpy Rug day!

It is indeed Lumpy Rug Day. But this is also the weekend that Matthew and I are celebrating our anniversary. The date was actually last week, but as we had house guests, we opted to postpone it to this week.

Yesterday, we went to Abbay (3375 Buford Highway Suite 1050, Atlanta–404.321.5808), an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner. Very yummy. We’ve had African food once before–I think in California–and knew there were places around the city but hadn’t hunted one down yet. Love their sponge bread.

We drove to dinner during the beginning of last night’s thunderstorm and we were right on the edge of it, driving just fast enough to stay out of the leading edge as long as we didn’t hit a stop light. As we encountered several of those, the edge would overtake us, slamming the car with this deluge of big, fat raindrops. When the light turned green, we’d drive out of it. We turned it into a leapfrog sort of game, trying to stay ahead of the storm, with it overtaking us and us driving out of it in turns. But when we got to the restaurant, we were sure we’d have to run for cover, but we seemed to have sheered out of the perimeter of it.

Not so for dessert.

We decided to have Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. This wall of rain hit just as we were pulling into the Northpointe Mall parking lot. Got totally soaked and windswept running in. Guess that ole storm was saving up just for us. The wait for seating at the CF was 45-60 min. so we got a couple slices to go, and drove home to enjoy it with our spastic skunk. (Hobkin got a couple mouthfuls of whipped cream.) Then we completed our evening with a late night show of X-2: X-Men United which was thoroughly enjoyable, although my suspension of disbelief got a bit strained towards the end.

Today, we woke up early to go up north to the Kangaroo Conservation Center where they have the “largest kangaroo collection outside of Australia.” It was wonderful. The folks there have their priorities down: kangas first, people afterward. Acres and acres of beautiful land for them to roam about on in big, social mobs (many kangas are called a “mob”). They had a motorized tour, and then a hands-on information center where we got to pet the kangas in a controlled environment. Just a lovely, lovely time. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t been there.

Then we had lunch at the Italian piano bar around the corner from us, “Altobelli’s” and tonight we’re going to see Salome at the Shakespeare Tavern. We’re not sure what we’re doing tomorrow. Depends on how wide the influences of Music Midtown are. I’d like to go to the Botanical Gardens, but not if it’s going to be insane.

This is turning out to be a truly wonderful weekend.

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