Happy Year of the Ox and more reviews of IZ220 and “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest”

Happy Chinese New Year!

Verily slammed at work. The legislators are back from their week off hashing out the budget, and this morning was a mad (editorial) dash to clear out the intray before the post-lunch chaos hits.


Writing Stuff

The fabulous Jason Sanford drew my attention to a number of shiny reviews of IZ#220 and “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest” that made me squee:

“disconcerting and thought-provoking in equal measure and should rightly earn its author wider exposure—and perhaps appearances in the Year’s Best and on various award ballots.”
—Colin Harvey, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fiction

“a classy fantasy, a strange society in which the wearing of masks in not only compulsory, but one in which the mask worn confers a different daily identity…The implications of this are subtly portrayed, as is the response to those who oppose this status quo.”
—Mark Watson, Best SF Reviews

“the best of the issue…A fantastic piece of worldbuilding.”
—Matt Bruensteiner, Garbled Signals

“This surreal story of people living in a beehive society and changing their identity and personality each day…opens out into something dark, powerful and moving…including an ending that successfully avoids cliche and reminds the reader that freedom and self-discovery can lead to a great deal of pain.”
Sci-Fi Gene

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2 Responses to Happy Year of the Ox and more reviews of IZ220 and “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest”

  1. Great reviews including prediction by our British friend Colin Harvey. Must go read story!

  2. thephoton says:

    恭喜发财!Please keep the writing coming.

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