Hobkin’s Birthday!

It was Hobkin’s birthday yesterday. He’s three years old! Of course, he got cake. Like all intelligent animals, he shoved the veggies aside to get to the dessert.

Cherry pie filling!

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Words: 238 on the novel WIP. It’s the weekend. I’m allowed to slack off on the word count during the weekend. Uh huh.

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11 Responses to Hobkin’s Birthday!

  1. stephsw says:

    Awww..Happy Birthday to Sir Hobkin!

  2. m0nkeygrl says:

    Happy Birthday to Hobkin!!

  3. puskunk says:

    Happy Birthday, Hobkin!

  4. Awww, Happy Birthday, Hobkin!

    ~Maggie 🙂

  5. jmeadows says:

    Aww, happy birthday, Hobkin!

  6. raecarson says:

    Happy Birthday Hobkin! You look gorgeous in your birthday suit.

  7. dionycheaus says:

    I particularly enjoy the carrot-cake pic, as for some reason he looks fluffier there. though the idea of hobkin with a red mouth after eating the cherry-pie filling is also very cute. Happy Birthday to the adorable skunk with the hobbit-like nose!

  8. aimeempayne says:

    I’m sure he was wondering what you intended he should do with the vegetables when there was nummy cake to fill his fuzzy tummy.

  9. quasiskunk says:

    Happy Birfday, L’il one! *tailswishes!*

  10. Eat your heart out!!!!


  11. kafkonia says:

    Happy birthday Hobkin!

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