Hobkin’s sensitive tummy

Hobkin was sick to his tummy again last night, the poor little fuzz ball. He has such a sensitive system! And he’s gotten quite finicky about his food choices. He’s been turning up his nose at celery and cucumber (!) of late. Fed him some anti-nausea meds and a Pepto Bismol sandwich, and he was all better, but I continue to fret.

Matthew theorizes that we’re all passing some sort of flu around, back and forth, from skunk to human. Every time Hobkin’s been ill, one or both of us humans have also felt unsettled in the gastro-intestinal vicinity. I hope that’s the case, because then at least there’d be a chance of getting rid of it once and for all . . . eventually. I’d much rather it be something acute (albeit tenacious) rather than a chronic condition.

And, as a segue, I feel queasy.

Writing stuff:

Received the contracts for “Razi and the Sunbird,” “When Shakko Did Not Lie,” and “The Snow Woman’s Daughter” from Cricket today. Woohoo! The Cricket contract isn’t as nice as the one for Cicada (they’re getting some non-exclusive rights w/o further compensation, versus an additional fee) but considering the pay rate, I don’t care! All three are signed and going in the mail tomorrow. But still no publication date set. Sigh.

I’ve got a story up for critique at Critters.org. Forgot it was going up this week. This was also a mild experiment in style. I switch–intentionally even–from past to present and back to past tense in it. It’s a scene thing. We’ll see if it worked or if readers find it annoying. I did notice that my file appears to have been corrupted in the upload. I have large sections of text underlined to indicate italics, and it appears that my underline markers have gone berserk. It’s still legible, but certainly distracting. Dammit.

Also looked up MLA/APA reference citation styles again. Proactively created references for the next two folk tales I’ll be sending to Cricket. Going to send them with my submission this time. I do learn from editorial feedback, la!

It’s also a good indication of me procrastinating on the new words front since I’m wallowing gleefully in assembling business materials instead of putting words on the page. I console myself that it’s good work to get done regardless.

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  1. mery_bast says:

    I hope both you and your skunk feel better…

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