I am going straight to Hell.

Yep, I’m going straight to Hell. Not passing go, not collecting $200.

Yesterday, Matthew and I swung by the mall after taking me to a follow-up doctor’s appointment. I was feeling marginally better and I’m annoyed that I haven’t been able to do any Christmas shopping ’cause of being sick. We stopped at a “Build-A-Bear” store–y’know the kind where you chose a stuffed animal, stuff him, and then dress him. I’m a sucker for plush and just wanted to see what they had. Well we saw a Santa Claus outfit and . . . the idea of dressing Hobkin up in it occurred. Matthew says I came up with it, but I distinctly remember him egging me on.


“Why are you doing this to me?”

“This is so embarrassing.”


More pictures and the whole “dressing Hobkin” saga at his website.

Going straight to Hell in a hand-basket. Vroom.

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    • Eugie Foster says:

      He was a grumpy cutie-pie! But I think he’s forgiven us.

      • inscrutable says:


        He knew it was wrong! Animals are smart, they know dressing them up in clothes is horribly horribly wrong.

        You need to do some serious good deeds in order to make up for this one I tell ya. At least you know you’re evil and hellbound.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Yes! I need to do penance! How ’bout if I quit eating meat and give money to HSUS? Oh . . . wait.

          Um, maybe a few Hail Marys?

          • inscrutable says:

            Athiests doing Hail Maries… sure why not?

            Dump some change in the Salvation Army bucket next time you pass one too. And never ever dress up an animal in clothes again! Especialy not a dog in a sweater!

          • Eugie Foster says:

            Except I’m not sure if I remember how Hail Mary went. I actually *gasp* went to a Catholic school for a very short while. But that was long ago and I was a very small Eugie. Um.

            And never ever dress up an animal in clothes again!

            Yessir! Well, probably. Maybe. Ack. Infusion of evil permeating my being . . . Halloween costumes for Hobkin! Eeee!

            Especialy not a dog in a sweater!

            What is this recurring theme I’m seeing with you and sweater-apparelled dogs? Did one terrorize you as a child?

          • inscrutable says:

            Nope it’s just that whenever I see a dog in a sweater I feel his pain. You just know that dog gets mocked and picked on by all the other dogs.

            If there were other skunks around, they’d all probably mock the one dressed like Santa Claus too.

          • Eugie Foster says:

            I know. We’re evil, bad, bad people. We’ll be paying for Hobkin’s therapy for his emotional trauma from this for years to come . . .

  1. That is just so adorable.
    I would not be surprised at his tendency not to be pleased at that.

    Very nice pics.

  2. weswilson says:

    good god, that is too cute.

  3. zoloft says:

    That is just about the cutest thing, ever. 😀 Tell Hobkin I said he’s sexy. ;}

  4. soyfaerie says:

    Awwwwww! (I know, I always said it, but this time I said it outloud =0)

    How ADORABLE! You should send those pics out with your Christmas cards!

  5. farshad says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  6. kittymel says:

    I think you have just found the perfect Holiday Card material – The photos are great! BTW: What size does Hobkin wear? We will have to get outfits ready for all the other holidays, too!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Eee! The horrible thing is that it occurred to me in the store, especially after they gave us one of those “frequent shopper” cards where you get so many punches and your next purchase is free, that if we filled up that card, Hobkin would have a complete wardrobe! There’s gotta be a worse place than Hell I should be reporting to. Ack.

      Size . . . size . . . Hobkin wears the off the rack size from the Build-A-Bear store. The bag says ‘fits most from 10″ to 24″.’ There’s a little hat and pair of pants that go with the jacket, but there’s no way short of sedating him that we’re getting him in the pants. Maybe the hat, though.

      Gah! I am evil. Evil!

  7. inscrutable says:


    Animals in little clothes bad!
    No soup for you!

    At least it’s not a dog in a sweater. People who put dogs in sweaters should be shot.

    That poor skunk.

  8. ex_girlmech says:

    ::dies:: Oh, how I want a skunk now!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I have to warn you, owning a skunk can lead to wandering innocently into a store in the mall and thereby buying an outfit to dress him up in. Oh, the temptation! It’s the call of the dark side. Eternal fiery damnation!

  9. dude_the says:

    Right. So, I’ll just be nipping off to call the hospital for you then? I hear the straight-jackets are much more comfortable these days. It’s the new synthetic blend they’re using. Involves dacron in some obscure way, but I think it’s more of a process.

    PJI, now see what you’ve done. You’ve turned me British! 😉

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