I can’t even begin coming up with an appropriate subject

I just got the most perplexing letter in the mail today. It was a wedding announcement. The blushing bride being . . . my mother.

“Perplexing?” you might ask. “Why perplexing?”

And I reply “Because I didn’t know she was seeing anyone, much less engaged.”

I knew she was moving to China, and apparently this is the reason why. But I’m rather curious who this person, her new husband, is. The announcement says he’s a “Dr.” I’m not sure if that’s medical or academic. I’m betting academic, though.

Okay. It’s not like my mother and I are close. We’re barely on speaking terms. But I really would have thought I’d have gotten more than “surprise, I got re-married.” I mean, I introduced Matthew to her before we got married. There wasn’t even a letter in the announcement. Or a picture. I have no idea what my new step-father looks like.

Hell, I just discovered he existed about five minutes ago. Wonder if I’ll ever get to meet him.

Well, I hope they’re happy together. Despite our inability to find anything remotely close to common ground during my upbringing, I do hope that her new husband is a good man and that they find joy in each other.

Should I buy her a blender? Um.

It’s been an odd day.

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9 Responses to I can’t even begin coming up with an appropriate subject

  1. kittymel says:

    How about a toaster instead.

    I know this must be, well, odd.
    Maybe you will get to meet him.

  2. sylphon says:

    could send her a copy of one of your newly published or soon to be published stories 🙂

    That is kinda odd, but all non close parental relationships are pretty odd..mine certainly is.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Definitely odd. I didn’t know you were also estranged from your parentoids . . .

      I’d pretty much put the whole mother situation out of my mind, but this sort of news still manages to floor me.

      • sylphon says:

        I was for most of my late teenage early 20s life in particular (I moved out at a young age), but we’re trying to make amends for past wrongdoings. In other words..they felt their approaching death as they get older and decided they didn’t want to leave the world without having someone to mourn them. How cynical is that of me to say? ah well. Things are somewhat progressing. I don’t see them alone and visit once or twice a year (with a friend), and they email and/or call a few times a week.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          I moved out at a young age

          You too, huh? I was clawing to move out during all of my high school years. I managed to escape for good when I was sixteen. If I’d stayed any longer, I’d have ended up in one of those special places where all the rooms are soft and cushy, and all the clothing has sleeves that pin in the back.

          Glad your relations with your parents are progressing well, albeit cautiously. I never thought that I missed interacting on an offspring/parent basis until I met Matthew’s parents. Strange brain wiring.

  3. soyfaerie says:

    Geesh! What a surprise! How come she didn’t tell you until now??

    • Eugie Foster says:

      No idea.

      I’m not righteously indignant or anything. My mother and I don’t talk to each other particularly. We email or send cards at Christmas and birthdays, and that’s it. But I really would have expected a little more of a head’s up.

      I mean I told her when I got engaged to Matthew. And I tell her things like when I make new fiction sales. Humph.

      But, it’s not my life. And we’re really not a part of each other’s. I’m just weirded out and overflowing with curiosity.

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