I feel like whining.

Overdid something at belly dance class on Tuesday. Owitch. Not sure what those muscles are, but they sure are protesting loud. It wasn’t this bad yesterday, but I felt twinges. Should’ve soaked in the hot tub. Owie. Will definitely spend some quality time under the Jacuzzi jets tonight. Ouch.

I took some ibuprophen, but, as I suspected, ibuprophen appears to inflame my thoracic nerve (don’t know why. That makes no sense that I can comprehend.) and now my arms ache and my hands are tingly. Dammit.

My story picked up thirty critiques on Critters this week. Blink. I typically average twenty, so that’s a larger sampling of readers than I’m accustomed to. Lotso mixed reviews. I got TWO regulars who said this was the best thing of mine they’ve read. I’d be worried except they’re usually pretty glowy about my stuff. And I got several useless “you should re-write this story completely and make it my story instead of yours” and quite a few comments about the vocabulary complexity. Can’t help it. “I don’t understand the big words you use” sorts of comments always irk me. Writers and aspiring writers should have extensive vocabularies. I got one critique from someone who didn’t know what the words “cloying” and “precipice” meant. Oh dear.

But, since I rewrite as I get comments in, the rewrite’s done and the story’s off to seek a home in the wide, wide world. Good luck little story! Do me proud!

Now if I can just finish up the @#*$&! three stories I’m currently working on.

Or, better yet, sell one of the ones that’re currently out.


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  1. prosewitch says:

    Doh. I meant to crit since I saw your name on the list…but…ya know…finals. =( I’ll be home in L.A. and carefree in less than a week, though, and writing again too.

    Heh, you’re right how crits are so hit and miss. I’ve never been bitched out for vocabulary before, but I’d probably laugh my ass off if it did happen.

    Good luck with your stories, both the ones that are out there and the ones you’re trying to finish. I know how they can get under your skin. Feel better, too! =)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Doh. I meant to crit since I saw your name on the list

      No worries. As I said, I got 30 crits, so I didn’t feel neglected or anything :).


      Yikes. Yes I remember those. Icky icky ick.

      I’ll be home in L.A. and carefree in less than a week, though, and writing again too.

      Ah, for the life of a student. Having summers free. Sigh. But wait, finals bad.

      I’ve never been bitched out for vocabulary before

      I get it fairly frequently. Grr. Sometimes I even tone down my big-worditis if the same word is mentioned several times as problematic, but it always annoys me.

      Congrats on surviving finals!

  2. reudaly says:

    The Second Day’s Worse…

    Or so I’ve found – when you whang something or pull a muscle, the second day of injury far surpasses the first. Bummer the ibuprofen isn’t helping.

    Go ahead and whine – I am, and I’m not even injured any more. 😎

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: The Second Day’s Worse…

      I’m usually pretty good at soaking my protesting muscles before they get too uppity, but this time I missed my window of less-pain opportunity.


  3. oracne says:

    CLOYING is a confusing word? PRECIPICE?


    Thanks for sharing. I am also amused.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      No kidding!

      I’ve gotten fairly frequently in real life “I don’t understand that word you said.” (Is “choreography” really such a stumper?) But to get that in a critique from people who ostensibly want to be writers! It’s definitely an eye roller.

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