I feel so much better, vegan fish, and Firefly

All hail the pred! Hurray for prednisone! Or else my immune system is finally feeling sheepish about the huge hissy fit it’s been having and has finally decided to settle down. I feel okay. My internal thermostat is still inclined to wonkiness, but the muscle aches are gone, as is the eye-explodingly unpleasant headache. Hurray! I really hope my system isn’t just luring me into a false sense of “I’m well.” I’m done being sick, please.

To celebrate my feeling better, Matthew took me out to eat yesterday. We went to Sam’s Gourmet Vegetarian Paradise (5750 Roswell Road ā€“ Atlanta 404-252-8878). I think I’ve mentioned them before. Totally vegan menu with a dizzying array of fake meat dishes like “Roasted Famingo” and “Braised Lam.” I had the Mandarin Fish. Yummy! If you’re an Atlantan, I highly, highly recommend them. The waitperson said that they were moving to a Midtown location in a couple months. While I’m sure it’s probably a better location for them, I’m bummed. They’re reasonably close to us where they’re at now.

Watched what was obviously the original Firefly pilot last night. Okay, whatever Fox committee decided to air something else as the intro to the series needs to be shot. A lot. It was so much better than the original first episode they aired. Actually, the last several Firefly episodes have been really good. I was just starting to think: “Hey, this show has potential. I’m seeing the trademark Joss genius coming through. I’m getting sucked in.” And, of course, Fox cancels it. Sigh. Dammit.

Today, I want to soak in the hot tub, go Christmas shopping, see a movie, eat Christmas cookies and candy, and wrap prezzies! So many holiday festivities to catch up on, so little time! RAH!

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  1. zoloft says:

    I actually wasn’t that impressed w/ last night’s Firefly… particularly since they’d already covered a lot of the same stuff when they didn’t think they’d be showing that particular episode.

    Still, I’m glad we got to see that ep, & I am far beyond peeved that they’ve cancelled the show. Dammit, I want to know more about these characters! They didn’t even really give it a chance! And fucking John Doe gets another season? No, fuck you, Fox! Fuck you & your little dog Toto!


    Here’s hoping SciFi picks it up.

    • mouseferatu says:

      Hey! I like John Doe! šŸ˜›

      I completely agree with you about the decision to cancel Firefly, though.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Is there talk of SciFi picking it up? I’d heard rumors that said “UPN maybe?” but I can’t imagine how they’d be able to afford it. Dunno. I’m not privy to the workings of TV networks, dammit.

      But hey, I like John Doe!

      • zoloft says:

        Is there talk of SciFi picking it up?

        Not that I’ve heard… I’m just hoping. :} Hey, they gave Young Jules Verne a chance, & that was just dreadful (apart from the eyecandy that is Michael Praed, of course šŸ˜€ ).

        But hey, I like John Doe!

        I guess you’re allowed. ;}

        Honestly, I’ve only caught bits & pieces of it. I’m just embittered toward anything that gets to live whilst Firefly gets the axe. Bastards, I tell you, all of them! ;P

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