I hate Mondays

My day job kicked my ass today. How dare my project folks heap gobs of work on me on a MONDAY? One rewritten module, two updated JCL jobs, and a brand new process (still in development) later, I looked up from my monitor, stunned to realize it was still Monday. Wasn’t that enough work to take me through the whole week already?

On the night job front, after my brief burst of writerly success, I’m slapped back to earth. Got a BFoD from RoF in the mail for one of my very favorite stories. I love this piece but can’t seem to place it. Out it goes again, but I’m quite bummed. It didn’t even make it past Carina, RoF‘s first reader. Damn.

I just don’t understand what sells and what doesn’t. I know I’ve said this before, but the marketing/editorial mindset is just a big ole mystery to me. Stories that I consider light, rattled-off pieces have sold, sometime to pro-markets their first time out, while my favorite, really polished, really meaningful works languish, piling up the rejection slips. It’s enough to make a writer seek a pointy edge to head-thump in frustration. Although I guess I would be more distraught if nothing of mine sold at all, so on that note I’m pretty grateful for the vagaries of the editorial world. Still puzzled as all hell.

Still no muse sightings, although I think I scented her perfume today. She’s skittish, so I’ve put some coffee out to lure her back. Waiting . . . waiting . . .

And it appears I’m back on the caffeine wagon. Not a surprise. I expected to be after Dragon*Con. Just wanted to make sure the big C worked during the convention itself. Now I need it to get me through the aftermath.

I need another holiday.

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  1. I think you need a vacation. A looooooooong vacation.
    You’ve been working like a dog… you really need a break.

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