I made Matthew go “squick!”

I had Matthew do first reader duties on my catharsis story the other day. Everything I write goes through him first before it gets sent through my critique groups gamut. He’s got a better eye for pacing and tone than anyone I know and my stories don’t graduate from zero draft to first draft status until after he’s had a go at them.

But, get this, my horrific little tale made him go squick. Hee! Matthew watches movies like Hellraiser and Poltergeist that send me cowering under the covers (yes, I’m a timid girlie-girl, shut up) and I wrote something that gave him the willies!


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  1. Hey..I know this is rather old, but was wondering if you’d seen this? I’m fairly sure you have..but just in case…as you know…using your name in his journal w/o your permission is against TOS 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you. I hadn’t been aware of this. I am reporting this to LJ Abuse immediately.

      • I couldn’t believe it when I read it…and how had we passed it up for what….4 months?! Sheesh!

        • Eugie Foster says:

          I’ve been trying not to read any of his journals/lj.us, etc., ’cause it just pisses me off too much. Apparently, I shouldn’t have been so head-in-sand on this.

          This just makes me so furious. I put everything I am into my writing. To be accused of stealing it! I can’t even express how pissed off I am right now.

          Incidentally, I’m screening these posts until I hear back from LJ. Don’t want him locking his journal and then deleting the offending items until they can see them and hopefully suspend this newest account. I think I know all my LJ friends, but I’ve gotten a big case of paranoid from all this. Just in case you were wondering where they’d gone to.

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