I’m a PHOBOS Finalist!!

Omygodomygodomygod! Phobos just called me! Actually, they called my house, and I’m not at home–being at work currently. But my husband picked up, and I’m a FINALIST in their fiction contest!!

My cyberpunk story “All In My Mind” is one of the top 20 going on to final rounds!



Except, damn. I can’t remember what’s going to happen now. I remember that top entries win $500, and then the top three win another $500. Did I make the first $500 or not?

Dizzy with elation. Must. Look up. Contest rules. Now.

(Edit: Just looked up the rules. I haven’t got any money yet (pook). A panel of judges–including Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven!–are going to read the 20 finalists and then pick twelve winners. Those 12 get the $500 bucks and from their number come the top three. Did I mention that Orson Scott Card is one of my favorite authors? I repeat “EEEEEE!!”)

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  1. mery_bast says:


    *does happy dance for you*

  2. grendel317 says:

    Woah, congratulations! That’s awesome!

    So, is there anywhere currently where we can read any of your stories?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you! I’m still pretty blown away by it myself.

      So, is there anywhere currently where we can read any of your stories?

      Right now, the only fiction I have in print is “The Adventures of Manny the Mailmobile.” That came out in the Jan/Feb 2002 issue of Cicada. Many libraries carry it. I’ve seen back issues of Cicada in Barnes & Nobles too.

      In October sometime (I’m expecting my contributer’s copies any day now) the next issue of Leading Edge will be coming out which will have my story “Second Daughter” in it. That magazine doesn’t have a huge circulation. Joe Mugg’s might carry it, though.

      As far as online, nope, sorry. I don’t post my stories on my website because I want to sell them. Posting them online for public viewing is counted by many markets as previously published. I also tend not to submit my stuff to online ‘zines. I’m old fashioned and just plain like seeing my name on flattened wood pulp.

  3. katen says:

    *high five from far away*

  4. emuko says:

    That’s so awesome, Eugie!! 😀

  5. mouseferatu says:

    *Hefts the envy-ball into the air*



    Your move!

    That’s really cool. I’m so happy for you, it almost completely blocks out my jealousy. 😉

  6. oracne says:


    Money would be awesome!

  7. songwind says:

    That’s awesome! congratulations!

  8. ex_girlmech says:


    Sorry I haven’t commented much lately, school is kicking my ass ;D


    • Eugie Foster says:


      Hey, don’t fret the posting thing. LJ always takes a far second to real life.

      Hobkin pictures are on hold while Matthew clears off a tape. We filled everything up at Dragon*Con and now we’re trying to clear off enough space on our hard drive to download them and then burn them to VCD. Need. More. Space.

      But, if you want to see more pix of Hobkin being extremely squeezy, check out my website: Musta-lay-day Grove

      • ex_girlmech says:


        my. god. so. cute. EEK.
        i don’t quite know how to ask this politely, but is he, uh, de-skunked? i showed the pics to my bro and he said ‘WOULDN’T HE SPRAY ALL OVER HER HOUSE???’
        oh, i cannot get over how cute he is.

        • Eugie Foster says:

          Re: !

          Lordy, lordy, yes he’s descented! He’s also fixed. Having an intact skunk as a pet would be like handing a loaded gun to a 2-year old with the safety off. Yikes!

          Hobkin was de-scented at the breeders when he was a wee fuzzling before we got him.

          But, as an interesting note. I have talked to wildlife rehabilitators who work with skunks. Obviously, you can’t de-scent a skunk you’re planning on reintroducing to the wild. And the main guy who’s worked with wild baby skunks said that he’s never been sprayed. As it turns out, skunks really aren’t trigger happy. They don’t like the way their musk smells any better than any other animal with a schnoz. They give plenty of warning before they shoot, and will do it as a last resort only.

          The warning display, which is absolutely adorable (as long as the ammo has been removed), begins with them standing on their toes ad fluffing up to look bigger, their tail up and brushed out like a Christmas tree, stomping their front legs down, and then charging a few steps. Repeat. They might huff and growl too. Hobkin used to do that all the time when he was a baby to get us to play with him. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

          Now, he doesn’t stomp as much, mostly only when something or someone surprises him. Like new furniture. When we got the new couch, he stomped and charged at it several times. I nearly died laughing.

          Um. As you can see, I’m prone to rambling on and on about him if given even the slightest opening. Probably more information than you wanted. I’ll stop now . . .

          • ex_girlmech says:

            Re: !

            You see, this is why I know I’m always going to be childfree. A lady I know was rambling on about her kids in her LJ, and explaining about how cute and interesting they were…

            And you were rambling on about your PET SKUNK…
            And well, I just seem to find your topic more interesting, and I have more respect for you.
            Besides, humans grow up to be just like you and I 😉 while skunks will always be as cute as pie.
            Heh, that rhymed.

  9. velvetfaery says:

    That’s great! Congratulations… I hope you make it into the top twelve… or even the top three! 🙂

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