I just got the notification! My short story “All In My Mind” is a winner of the Phobos 2nd Annual Fiction contest!

$500 and publication in the anthology! I’m so ecstatic my hands are shaking!

Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven read my story and they liked it! EEEEE!

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37 Responses to I’m a WINNER!

  1. mouseferatu says:

    Wow. That’s fantastic. 🙂

    What else can I say but congrats, and also…

    *LOB*, big time. 😀

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I think I’m in shock (note lack of response when the ball bounces off my head)! Thank you!

      When I got the notification, I think I spent a full five minutes shrieking like a lunatic.

  2. grendel317 says:

    Hey, congratulations! Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven are in my personal literary pantheon – I am way impressed!

  3. m0nkeygrl says:

    Congratulations! This is great news.

  4. katen says:

    Hoody Hoo!
    no, no, wait…
    hmm… nope not quite right…


    Yeah, that’s more like it. Now imagine that as an annoyingly huge billboard, or that scrolling sign in Times Square. That is how impressed I am. 😉

  5. Congratulations.
    Glad you were approved by two professionals.

    Keep it up.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you deserve the best… (now I’m going to read what you write)

  7. silicates says:


    j00 r0k!
    j00 r0x0r!
    j00 r0x0r!

    (Erm, sorry, I’ll stop yelling the leet version of Rammstein’s “Du Hast”….)

  8. valiskeogh says:

    *whaps you on the back*

  9. leadensky says:

    wwwooo HOOO!

    Like everyone said, congrats!

    I’m grinning ear to ear for you. (How many ‘thanks but no thanks’ notes does this make up for?)

    – hossgal

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thanks! I’ve been grinning so hard all night my face muscles have gone numb!

      How many ‘thanks but no thanks’ notes does this make up for?

      A very many, yesiree Bob.

  10. alladinsane says:



  11. yakdog says:


    Maybe you can sweet-talk your husband into a spot on Fantasm‘s ink track? If you’re good enough for Orson Scott Card and Larry Niven, you’re definitely good enough for our guest list.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Outstanding!


      Y’know, Matthew brought that up too. But I’m not sure what I could talk about. I think “Look, I can eat a banana and type at the same time!” is probably not going to be a huge draw. Then again . . .

      • yakdog says:

        Re: Outstanding!

        “I’m a star. I’m a big, bright, shining star.”

        Seriously, take a look at the panel topics our other guests have proposed & see what takes your interest. Also, remember that you’re in a unique position: you’re an aspiring writer, and you’re succeeding right before our very eyes. Years from now, people will be telling “I knew her when…” stories about you. Give them something to talk about. 😉

  12. amokk says:

    so when does this anthology come out and when/how can us normal folk buy it?


    • Eugie Foster says:


      I have no idea what the publication schedule will be. I’ve only received the “congratulations, we’re giving you $500 for your story” email. They say on it that “executives of Phobos Entertainment will be in touch with you soon.” So I’m waiting for the next communicae.

      I also know a couple of the other winners, including a two time winner from last year’s contest. He said that they had a big party/reception at Phobos HQ for the winners with Orson Scott Card and the publisher of TOR Books there to celebrate the release of the book with the authors. That was around September. It’s probably a safe bet that this year’s anthology will come out roughly late next year.

      Empire of Dreams and Miracles, last year’s anthology, is available online from the Phobos website, and I’ve heard of people seeing it at their local Barnes & Nobles and Borders types of stores. I’d assume this year’s will be similarly available.


  13. prosewitch says:

    WOW! Congratulations! Now you gotta keep us informed on the publication info… 😀

  14. dwivian says:

    I thought, from reading all your detractors earlier this year, that you sucked? Now you get published? It would seem someone would have made a slight error in assessment of your writing skill, no? *HAHAHAHAHHAHAH*

    YOU *GO*! I’m so proud! I’ve been published only once in my life by such a thing, and it was only $10, but it was the coolest $10 I ever got. You’re so far past me you must still be up there.

    So, what’s the next story you’re writing?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Thank you!

      My detractor, there’s really only one guy–oh, and I guess whoever he’s suckered into being his toadies–has said nothing accurately about me except that I have a pet skunk. To my knowledge, he’s read none of my fiction, and yet he feels compelled to denigrate it. Hell, he’s never met me, and yet he’s got this weird compulsion to malign me, personally. I’m not a believer in karma or cosmic justice, but it’s always nice when the bad guy gets a pie in his face.

      So, what’s the next story you’re writing?

      Currently, I’m working on a S&S piece–my first in the sub-genre. I was going to commit this weekend to writing, but after the Phobos news, it sort of blew my concentration. Heh. Hoping to get back on track with it soon.

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