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Insomnia hit last night. Hates it we do. But in my random surfing while waiting for the sleepies to alight (which they didn’t), I discovered that Microsoft has finally issued a download patch that allows users of their pre-2007 office suite applications (e.g., Word) to open and edit the new formats (e.g., .docx). I’m not a fan of Microsoft, but by necessity I use their products, and the number of times I’ve had to send a file back to folks with a “please can you downgrade the version so I can open it?” request was reeeallly aggravating me.

In other, totally non sequiturious news, Meg Stout commissioned me to overhaul her website, and the shiny, new is now live. Hurray!


Writing Stuff

New Words:
• 1.2K words on “Mortal Clay, Metal Heart.” And I’m officially at the maximum word length with one scene and two bridges still to go. Why does everything I write these days want to be a novelette?? Gah!

Writenowcutlater writenowcutlater…ohhhmm…

• “Running on Two Legs” (reprint) is now out in the anthology The Fleas They Carried: Animal Aid Anthology, the charity anthology edited by J.K.Richárd (neutronjockey) to benefit animal shelters and rescue groups that have been hit hardest by environmental disasters:

neutronjockey will be matching (out of his own pocket) dollar-for-dollar funds to go to the ongoing efforts involved with the 600 dogs that were rescued from several puppy mills earlier this year.

Other contributors to the anthology include Jetse de Vries, Jennifer Brozek, Michael Merriam, Michael Stone, Diane Payne, and Michael Jasper.

neutronjockey is also going to produce “Running on Two Legs” as an audio release, which absolutely delights me.

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