Chapter Finished! The End! Zero Draft! It’s a Novel!

1.5K words, typed “The End,” and Taijiya is now at zero draft. Finally, at long last, I have written a novel! Woohoo!!

Need champagne or something. Hmm, got fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. That’ll do. Woot!

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26 Responses to Chapter Finished! The End! Zero Draft! It’s a Novel!

  1. Victoria says:

    Awesome, Eugie! Way to go! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, felicitations, and, (as my great-grand-dad used to say,) COOL!

    So when do I get to read it?

  3. Eugie Foster says:

    Thank you, thank you! Wondered whether I’d ever see this day. Whew.

    >So when do I get to read it?

    Eep! It’s not in any shape for anyone to read yet, not even my long-suffering first reader, Matthew. It needs another editing pass to have even a hope of being presentable.

  4. Amanda says:

    Way cool!!! Congratulations!!!

  5. CA Suleiman says:

    So cool. Congrats, Eugenica.

  6. Eugie Foster says:

    Thank you! But “Eugenica”? *blink* Can we go with “hey you” instead?

  7. CA Suleiman says:

    Nah. Not only does “Congrats, hey you!” not scan in the slightest, but I rather like the sound of “Eugenica” as a nickname. (It started out as an album name in my head, but I bequeathed it you.) 🙂 If you haven’t the skin for it, though, I’ll revert to “Eugie” in the future, since you selected it. Congrats, regardless.

  8. How about “dude”? Hurry up and get it published, dude, because I’ve got an empty space on my shelf right next to RETURNING MY SISTER’S FACE ready for it.

  9. Eugie Foster says:

    @CA: Shouldn’t nicknames be, um, shorter than the nom they are nicking? Hrm, obviously I am being too much of a traditionalist. Fine, fine. From you, I’ll give a “What, huh, eh?” to “Eugenica.” Or possibly an arched eyebrow and an elbow in the ribs, depending upon your preference and proximity.

  10. Eugie Foster says:

    *ecstatic Kermit-da-frog flailing!!*

  11. Bobby Nash says:

    “The end.” The two greatest words a writer can type. 🙂

  12. Eugie Foster says:

    @Jan: Thank you! Hooray!!

  13. ” Shouldn’t nicknames be, um, shorter than the nom they are nicking?”

    Yooj. Congratulations, Yooj!

  14. YAAAAAY!!! I remember how I felt when I finished my first – I was in the most weird celebratory zen mania… Nothing like it!

    Congrats! You kick ass!

  15. Eugie Foster says:

    Thanks, Jenna! *huggins*

  16. Wade Watts says:

    I predict this will be the first of many!—or my name ain’t Nostradamus.

  17. Eugene Myers says:

    You made it! Congratulations!

  18. Joe says:

    When you spoke to our writing group at DragonCon a few years ago, I thought–yup, she’s gonna make it in the publishing biz.

    And you just keep taking steps to prove me right.

    Nicely done!

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