Jeebus, isn’t this week over, YET?

Since the aggressive self-medication tactic didn’t work out so well, I went back to my usual mug of green tea this morning. Ended up with a throbbing headache and pronounced shortness of breath. I think my body is out to get me.

My mother and my step-dad are flying in this weekend for a short visit. I wonder if the stress from that impending encounter is contributing to my overall state of misery–ya think? They aren’t staying for very long, but I’m still fretful.

Writing Stuff:

Fantasy story progress: Hacked out a couple pages with a liberal use of the DELETE key, and managed about 500 words going in the right direction.

Halloween story progress: 230 words.

Another project I picked up after dropping a couple years ago: 1.6K words (completing the story at something over 4K). It’s very rough, and I’m definitely not achieving the emotional impact I was going for, which was the reason I set it aside in the first place. But I forced myself to finish it working on the philosophy that it’s easier to rewrite once I have something down, rather than agonize over how to do it. It’s at zero draft, but it still needs a lot of work before I want to show it to Matthew to first reader.

I seem to be on a “finish unfinished works” kick, which is great, but weird.

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2 Responses to Jeebus, isn’t this week over, YET?

  1. bpeace says:

    My week is. Vacation day tomorrow. w00t!

    Many hugs. Hope your weeks becomes less stressful.

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