Joy joy joy! Well, more like delight.

I dodged, I ducked, I scampered, but Doug Hoffman has tagged me! So thus, I must do “The Search for Joy” meme. In a nutshell, search (LJ Seek) for the word “joy” in your blog and post a link and a few words about it, because joy is good.


Search your blog for the word “joy” used in the context of “happiness.” If you cannot find the word in your weblog, you may use any of the select list of synonyms below.

joy — amusement, bliss, cheer, comfort, delectation, delight, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, exultation, exulting, felicity, gaiety, gladness, glee, good humor, gratification, happiness, hilarity, humor, jubilance, liveliness, merriment, mirth, pleasure, rapture, regalement, rejoicing, revelry, satisfaction, wonder

If your weblog does not include a built-in search engine, then you can use Google to search it only for the word you wish to find.

If you’ve found the word and it was not used facetiously or sarcastically, good for you. All you need to do is link to your earlier entry, and write a few words about that joyous moment. If, however, you have no joy (whole words only) in your weblog, you must dig deep in your soul and find something wonderful in your life right now. One little thing that fills you with warmth, that bubbles you over with quiet happiness, or tickles you with its good-hearted hilarity, or makes you glad you just took a breath, and are getting ready to take another. It doesn’t have to be anything big. A smile someone gave you; your cat on your shoulder; the way the light angles through your window and casts rainbows on your floor. All it has to be is something genuine, something real, something that matters to you.

Because we all need joy in our lives, and need to take the time — from time to time — to recognize it. And sometimes, we need to pass it on. Even if we’re a big pain in the ass when we do.

And herein, my joy. Actually, the word I found was “delight” but according to the meme rules, that counts. That post was the pictures of the Faerie Cloud City I took on the flight back to Atlanta from a visit with the in-laws. The view out my plane porthole was breathtakingly beautiful, and I felt an all-encompassing serenity and peace that, alas, just isn’t very common, at least for me. I’m glad those pictures turned out so well. When I look back at them, I get a bit of that tranquility and sheer gladness back.

Okay, I don’t usually tag folks, but this one made me re-live some remembered happiness, and I want to pass that on. Therefore, I foist this meme upon: arkhamrefugee, jinzi, mroctober, Pat Kirby, and teflaime. But just ’cause I didn’t tag you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Go! Be joyous.

Obligatory pimpage:

Warning: There is some nudity on the voting pages. Not safe for work or kiddies!


Writing Stuff

New Words -200
I’m going backward again. But I had an epiphany and pulled out a whole cumbersome and useless bit of plot in a frenzy of rewriting (See? This is what happens when I engage in excessive worldbuilding, I end up feeling the need to stick in superfluous extra bits). Also, I have figured out the ending, something I’ve been waffling back and forth over. Pleased about the progress despite the negative words produced. And hey, the Word Meter is back.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,051 / 6,500

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11 Responses to Joy joy joy! Well, more like delight.

  1. lousy_timing says:

    Okay. 🙂

    jinzi is going to go crash for a few hours, but upon waking, she shall play.

  2. mtfay says:

    Meme answered…That my joy comes from irony should still count, right?

  3. bruised_heel says:

    What an interesting game. Joy appears once in my live journal..’A band they most resemble would be Interpol, but fans of Joy Division or Echo and the Bunnymen should find the Editors quite pleasing.’

  4. Anonymous says:

    >If you’ve found the word and it was not used facetiously or sarcastically, good for you.

    Well. That sort of ties my paws, doesn’t it? Hee.

    Okie, dokie. But first I must attend to the menagerie. If the animals aren’t happen, then, there ain’t nobody happy.

    Pat Kirby

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and call me an anti-feminist b*tch, but Yikes! Some of the women on that ballot are scary! Closing eyes and scrolling down to “Eugie.” Ew-ew-ew-ew.

    Pat K.

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