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Saw Kill Bill 2 yesterday. Aside from residual feelings of queasiness from too much greasy popcorn, I quite enjoyed myself. I think this is spoiler-free, but just in case:

There was less action in Vol. 2 than in 1. I liked the pacing in 1 better. Not that 2 was slow–enough kicking, cutting, and jumping about to fulfill anyone’s ultra-violence fix. Lots of self-referential jabs as well to keep the tension undercut. But there were weird speckles of character development. Whole stacks of minutes dedicated to it even, which I think was unnecessary. Kill Bill just isn’t the sort of movie that requires depth and is more enjoyable without an attempt to give it such. In the end, the character’s motivations still came across as being cliché. I dunno. Maybe I’m spending too much time analyzing it.

I’m also a little baffled as to what the big deal was about “The Bride”‘s name–all the bleeping out of it in the first movie and all. When it was revealed it wasn’t all that big of a deal. And I’m a little disappointed that the ending was as predictable as it turned out being. A Quentin-esque twist or two would have been nice. Still, overall, it was a fun Sunday’s entertainment. Money and time reasonably spent.

Think I made my coffee a little too strong this morning. Had two cups in quick succession and jittered my way through the day.

Writing stuff:

Received a letter from an editor in response to a submission. It’s neither a “yes” nor a “no”:
I enjoyed your story very much. It was very well written and kept me surprised along the way. I will pass the story on to my publisher for his approval, with my recommendation . . . it may take up to a year or more before it gets final approval from the publisher, and moves into the publishing phase.

I guess it’s a “probably.” Uh, yay?

Did another few passes on the Chinese creation myth re-telling. Still haven’t foisted it upon Matthew. Will do that tonight. Probably. Knocked off a couple dozen words and added a ragged dozen different ones. Dozens count when the story is less than 2K.

Also wrote a critique on Critters for one of my “regulars.” He’s one of my favorite readers and is the guy who introduced me to britzkrieg. His offering this week is Horror. Usually he doesn’t write in that genre, and he’s commented before that it’s largely due to my influence that he dabbles in it at all, which I’m right flattered by.

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4 Responses to Kill Bill 2 & Writing Stuff

  1. What a . . . unique letter.

    Nice of them to let you know your story is in Limbo. I think. . . .

    At least they didn’t just claim it for “up to a year or more” before letting you know.

    Sometimes I swear I will never figure this business out.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Unique, yes. Definitely unique. I’ve got several stories now in murky editorial limbo at various places. While that’s better than a definitive “no” it’s still rough on my patience o’meter. Sigh.

  2. Try grinding your own coffee.
    It’s not bitter and it taste better.

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