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Sent my poor, malfunctioning laptop back to HP yesterday. At least they realized when we called their customer service number that they needed to immediately send us up the line rather than trying to get us to jump through their futile checklist hoops again. We talked to a case manager–someone in the states and not India–who seemed to understand that the problem wasn’t a question of swapping out parts, a la the battery or fan, but rather something that needed in-depth diagnosis and testing. Well, duh. They would’ve known that already if they’d listened to me the first time, but it’s a start.

Right now, I really wish they’d just replace the stupid thing and have done with it, but apparently we’re not at that stage yet. Third time’s a charm? *snort*

Fortunately, we’ve now got WiFi connectivity on our old Vaio desktop, thanks to dean13. We lugged the tower, monitor, and peripherals upstairs, and I am once again holed up in the library, flogging ye olde writing muse. Giddyap!


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Shameless plug time!

My signing with Aberrant Dreams is in two days!
Date: Saturday, February 4th, 2006
Time: 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Place: Oxford Comics & Games; 2855 Piedmont Rd NE; Atlanta, GA 30305-2767; (404) 233-8682

If you’re in the area, I’d love for you to come out and say “hi”!

– The podcast of “My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie” read by Word Whore (of Air Out My Shorts) is now up at Escape Pod! Stephen did an absolutely fabulous job with it. Download. Listen. Giggle. Warning: There’s both naughty language and lesbian zombies in it.
– Also, the Sci Phi Show podcast on “The Problem of Evil” (examining the philosophical issue via the Escape Pod podcast of my story, “The Life and Times of Penguin”) went up while I was in Utah. I’m tickled to have the issue examined via Penguin and Ducky’s viewpoints. A very nice introduction to the basic arguments of the classic debate (although I don’t agree with Jason Rennie’s final conclusion–but don’t ask me to engage in relevant back-and-forth online; my experience with Internet debates typically makes me want to act out with random acts of sporking). And check out the lively discussion that stemmed from the podcast! There’s actually thoughtful discourse happening around something I wrote. I think I died and went to writer heaven (yes, that’s a spine-tingling irony, considering the subject matter at hand).

New Words: 1K on the Japanese Demon Hunter story. Making good progress, although I’m having trouble coming up with a proper title. Eh, one will come to me in good time. I hope.

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9 Responses to Laptop status, Lesbian Zombie, shameless pimpage

  1. jackzodiac says:

    lesbian zombies — see you just said the magic words… you are just trying to get me to listen to a pod cast… so far I have the reputation as being the only pod caster out there that doesn’t listen to pod casts (not even his own or at least not as a pod cast, because I have to approve the audio quality on all the episodes we do)… but I am tempted to listen to this since I am such a hugh zombie fan… this past weekend I met George Romero and he was so cool and a great guy and so was his manager…


  2. elvesforeyes says:

    I’d stick with the title you got now:

    Japanese Demon Hunter Story

    Simplicity works best, you know? 😉

  3. aliettedb says:

    I share your pain with the laptop. Mine flagged down last September. I called the hotline, went through hoops just the same. They said everything was normal. Then it crashed completely. I called again. They wouldn’t believe me. I had to take it back to the shop and demonstrate that Windows wouldn’t start to get them to take it back. They took one month to repair it (and I didn’t have a replacement, so I ended up hogging the school computers…)

    Sometimes I think the aftersales services really don’t want you to disturb them with actual broken-down computers. 🙂

    BTW, loved “The Son that Pain Made”. Cool use of the muse and the incubus.

  4. neo_prodigy says:

    i think at this point i would demand a new laptop and nothing short of that. you shouldn’t have to keep jumping through hoops.

    it’s ridiculous how they’ve exploited your patience.

  5. Thought provoking, now, are we? How lovely! (And I mean that.) It’s definitely another milestone on the rocky road to fame and fortune.

  6. keesa_renee says:

    Yay, Eugie!! But that stinks about your laptop! Oy! Sooner or later, even they’re going to have to replace that thing.

  7. basletum says:

    “My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie”:
    What can I say? Other than LMAO!!!
    That one just went onto my list of favorites.

    “The Problem of Evil” discussion:
    Interesting discussion, but I think some people fail to recognize the Free Will factor in the equation. Oh well. Still, I’d love to see a day when such a discussion gets sparked by one of my stories.

    As far as the laptop: just demand a replacement and get it over with. It’s not worth the hassle to be patient with incompetents.

  8. dionycheaus says:

    hee hee! Lesbian Zombieness made me chuckle, and now I’m wondering if I can write a ‘fun’ story. They seemed to do quite a good job producing it, and I like their modus operandi.

  9. dream_wind says:

    (late post, been on hols).

    It really annoys me when IT help desk people won’t believe my diagnostics. I know I’m not a hardware specialist, but I DO actually know about hardware, having worked in IT for over 10 years. It once took me 3 years to convince a techie that there was something wrong with my motherboard, would he please yank it and run more than just Norton over the machine.

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