Launch Pad Day 2: Tuesday

Yesterday, we reviewed the electromagnetic spectrum and made spectroscopes with which to gaze at various elements (mercury, neon, etc.) to observe their absorption line fingerprints. Astronomy is preeeetty. We also talked about telescopes, NASA missions, and amateur astronomy.

The schedule slated us to pop up to the roof of the astronomy building last night to use the university’s telescopes, but it was cloudy, so they swapped the free evening scheduled for today for last night and bumped the roof viewing for tonight. But I checked on, and it looks likely that it’ll be cloudy for the rest of the week. Pook. Hoping that Mother Nature is more obliging than says she’ll be.

Last night for our free evening, many of us sprawled/meandered between Michael Livingston’s room and ktempest‘s room for writing, chitchat, and booze. I camped out in Michael’s room with samhenderson, Vylar Kaftan, Josepha Sherman, Vonda McIntyre, and, of course, our host, Michael. Managed to get over 700 hundred words down, almost 500 of them due to a 15 minute challenge from Vylar. She also introduced me to Once Upon a Time, a storytelling card game. Vy, Sam, Jo, and I played two rounds, and it’s one of those lovely games where I’m more interested in the playing than the “winning” goal. From Vy’s comments, it sounds like the right players makes for the best gaming experience. If last night is anything to go by, four SF/F writers totally counts as “the right players.”

From left to right: samhenderson, Jerry Oltion, Josepha Sherman, Michael Livingston.

I couldn’t quite fit Vylar Kaftan into the above picture, so she gets her own.

This morning is the Vedauwoo Hike, and since three hours tramping around in the Wyoming sun in the rarefied air would likely perk my lupus/MCTD up and knock me flat, I thought the wiser course was to opt out. But I feel like that poor kid with asthma forced to sit in the back of the room watching all the other kids playing kickball. Sigh. But, as I remind myself, I’d be extremely bummed if I had to miss the rest of the workshop because of a flare up, not to mention furious with myself if it was one I could have prevented by being prudent.

This afternoon we’re talking about stars and the human element in space. Human element in space! *clamor clamor clamor*

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8 Responses to Launch Pad Day 2: Tuesday

  1. sargent says:

    Ooo, Once Upon a Time. I really like that game and what it tries to do, and can never find a lot of people who are interested in playing it. Given my interest in making-stories-through-games in general, it’s unsurprising that I glommed onto that one.

  2. n_decisive says:

    Prudence is like temperance. It takes trial and error to perfect.

    Being the kid with asthma=teh suck, but you’re allowing yourself to enjoy lots of other things by sitting out. Good for you for recognizing that. šŸ™‚

  3. klingonguy says:

    Doh! I didn’t realize that Josepha was attending. I saw her this past weekend at Shore Leave. Had I known, I’d have loaded her up with a gift for Michael. He still hasn’t seen a copy of the finished book he co-edited with me (and come to think of it, you have; how unfair is that?).

  4. All sounds too wonderful. Science projects, astronomy, camaraderie, writing, many pitiful sighs here.

    Sorry you couldn’t partake in the hike. Take care of your sometimes frailness, kiddo!

    I love “Once Upon A Time.” Bruce Holland Rogers brought it to Crete and I played with him, Eric Witchey, Philip Lees and one or two others of his writers’ conference attendees. Talk about the right people playing. I can’t remember who won, but it was a hoot. I had my princess get a nose job on an island; that I do remember. The look on Bruce’s face was priceless when I pulled that one out of my bag of tricks, magic, smoke and mirrors. I now have my own deck. I should bring it to Dragon*Con, but then we wouldn’t get any work done at the DD.

  5. dude_the says:

    Once Upon a Time

    I just want to point out that I’ve been trying to get you to play Once Upon a Time for the past… um… eight years or so. I usually bring a deck with me to Atlanta in the vain hope, but no one ever wants to play. *sigh* šŸ˜‰


  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh course you well know my thoughts on this whole matter, but just thought Iā€™d chime in here and lend my support, not that you need it. I look extremely forward to working with you at The Fix, as you are editor par excellence in my book! *g*

    As Sara said above: I love your work, too!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If the student gives you permission, it would be lovely if you could post an image of her illustration here!

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