LJ Skunk Community!

cantstopthedawn pointed me to a new LJ community: iloveskunksmore. It’s dedicated to pet skunks! Hurray! ‘Bout time, I sez.

I’m rather loopy right now. Took a full strength Clonazepam and am now all giggly and inebriated. Like being drunk but without the alcohol. I think Matthew’s exasperated with me.

I feel like doing something silly. Maybe cartoons are in order.

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2 Responses to LJ Skunk Community!

  1. aldeygirl says:

    Hope you are feeling better

    Don’t you hate it when the side effects of meds are almost as annoying as the pain. I have been having pain and stiffness in neck and arms, making writing very hard. When I take Lortab and Antiinflamitory med, I just zone and sleep and don’t write. Sigh.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Hope you are feeling better

      Definitely! It’s a balancing act, matching the side effects against the benefits. But at least I always have the option. Sometimes the illusion of control is better than any treatment.

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