London thoughts

Okay, I’m lagging behind the fast-breaking news race. I just recently learned about the bombings in London.

I’ve got a dear friend who lives there. I know the odds are very slim that he was hurt or worse, but I’m going to quietly freak out until I hear from him.

A dark day for the side of peace and goodwill toward man.

[Edit: Our friend just phoned. We got cut off twice, but he’s safe and sound. Whew. Such a relief.]

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  1. arkady says:

    If he’s an LJer, try the community, specifically the List of peoplesafe. You might also like to check the List of confirmed survivors website.

  2. jmeadows says:

    *pets* I didn’t know until just now, either. 🙁

  3. I got a call from my dear friend in Manchester this morning, about a mutal friend in London who is thankfully fine, though a little frazzled.

    Other folk have checked in that I know, which were luckily out of London at the time, although one lives in the area the bombings happened in.

    I hopw you hear from your friend soon, I had a friend in New York at the time of 9/11 that didn’t check in for a couple of days, I know how it is waiting and wondering.

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