Lovely weekend!

Went to britzkrieg and rigel_kent‘s wedding last night. It was beautiful. Held in their huge screened-in porch, surrounded by the trees in their sylvan backyard, it was very sacred grove. Matthew and I were honored to do a reading at the ceremony: Nikki Giovanni’s “You Came, Too.” I sat on my fear of public speaking, although to tell the truth, it didn’t particularly trouble me (once I got past the first line). Since Matthew and I were doing a duet, most of the phobia tremors didn’t manifest. Matthew’s my rock. I can do just about anything as long as he’s beside me.

Then there was food and wine. B&J had arranged for quite an elaborate spread. And since britzkrieg is also a vegetarian, there was a slew of veggie-friendly offerings. And the dancing. Matthew and I don’t get many opportunities to dance anymore. We totally enjoyed ourselves. And now my feet hurt. That’s always a sign of fun had.

I think Hobkin’s sulking, though. He’s been pouting under his hutch. More worrisome, he didn’t eat his breakfast. Going to see about coaxing him to eat, and if he doesn’t, then it’s meds and a Pepto Bismol sandwich for him.

Heard through the Skunk Chat grapevine that one of Hobkin’s Godmother’s skunks died last week. Very sad. She’s not up for calls or visitors, which I completely understand. Going to see about sending a sympathy card on Monday. I wish our beloved fuzzy companions would live as long as us.

Writing Stuff:

Got a rejection from Leading Edge. The note starts out (after the “thanks for letting us see your story . . . blah blah blah”) “Your story was accepted by the staff readers”–which got my adrenalin all pumping, thinking I had an acceptance letter in my hands. But then it went on to say “and passed on to the editors for further consideration. Although we have decided not to use it . . .” Sigh. They did ask for more and called it “quality work.” Grumble. Out it goes again.

Also received a postcard from Cricket saying they’d received my current submission–the same submission the editor had asked for resource material for via email. Hee.

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6 Responses to Lovely weekend!

  1. britzkrieg says:

    Thank you both so much for being a part of our wedding celebration! You brought a lot of energy to the event, and of course we thoroughly enjoyed your company. I hope you got enough to eat–I didn’t, because I was chatting too much!

    I hope Hobkin feels better soon. We have pet worries at the moment, too, and I know how they can wear on you. Good luck!

    • Eugie Foster says:

      And thank you for letting be a part of it! It was great fun.

      We have pet worries at the moment, too

      You tell that feline pride of yours to get and stay well!

  2. kafkonia says:

    That’s a poorly worded rejection letter if ever I saw one.

  3. britzkrieg says:

    And since britzkrieg is also a vegetarian, there was a slew of veggie-friendly offerings.

    I forgot to ask you in my last reply — did you get a chance to try the vegetarian “sausage” balls? They were fabulous! Rather salty, but convincing. Susanna, my matron of honor, didn’t know they were meatless at first. 🙂

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yes, I did. They were so convincing as meat that I actually leaned over and asked Matthew “These aren’t real meat, are they?” Heh. They were excellent!

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