Many shiny movies!

I decided to have a handful of cookies for breakfast and am now buzzing on sugar. As such, this post may end up being a bit spastic and disjointed. Apologies in advance.

Felt the need for some passive, escapist fantasy these last couple days, so fosteronfilm and I went to see Episode III – Revenge of the Sith yesterday. And the night before we watched Sin City and Team America: World Police. I’m big with the immersive when I crave Hollywood shiny.

In a non-spoilerific nutshell:
Team America: Fun but not nearly as good as the South Park movie. Carried primarily by seeing puppets explode and other outrageous puppet activity. Most of the comic scenes went on for too long. Fun, even if not really something I anticipate a desire to re-see.

Sin City: Everyone kept warning me about how violent this movie is. Yes, there’s violence (and gore) aplenty, but it’s pretty stylized, which took a lot of the visceral squick out. I’m curious about the comic now. The revenge theme was delivered a bit heavy handedly, but better executed by far than The Crow. Quite good and very pretty. I’m likely to want to see this again.

Episode III: Wow. That was hella better than I expected it to be. Still suffered from some major Lucas-esque flaws, like embarrassing dialog and a lackluster overall level of writing and character development, but there were many, many lightsabre battles. And wookies! Bzzt, rawwwrrrr! I think Lucas capitalized on his strengths and focused on the special effects and sheer shiny beauty of his Star Wars franchise for this final installment. A wise decision. Much fun, and I suspect it will be excellent on the repeat viewings front.

An unexpected post-movie amusement, I discovered that cuddling Hobkin on his back, and then bouncing him in time with the word “Dooku” is ridiculously cute. He only puts up with it for a very short while, but it got both Matthew and me giggling uproariously. We’re evil, evil people.

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4 Responses to Many shiny movies!

  1. grendel317 says:

    Sin City

    The movie was an extremely faithful rendition of the first few Sin City trade paperbacks – I read them before going, and most of the scenes are almost frame-for-frame from the books. If you enjoyed the visual style and over-the-top noir machismo from the movies, it’s a fair bet you’ll like the comics too.

  2. mtfay says:

    being me, I thought Sin City was uproariously funny, but not terribly good.

    And, what, no video of hobking being bounced?

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Hee! I don’t think the wee beastie will tolerate the treatment long enough to get him on film, but if he becomes remarkably mellow, most definitely getting the “Dooku Bounce” on film for posterity!

  3. The film Sin City is 99% like the comic, which is what made it so good to me. Let me know if you want to borrow the trades some time.

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