Me, editing machine, fzzzt-sparks

Yesterday, I edited. It was not a transcendental experience. Talk about a buzz kill. Also, I slept for over nine hours straight, and am feeling somewhat less punchy. So here I am, grounded and sober. Ah, the roller-coaster ride of being a writer. So not glamorous.

Words: +500 – 2000 on “Beauty’s Folly”
As I suspected, the words I wrote close to the 2AM hour were a bit, uh, disjointed. I went back in and rewrote the ending, resulting in a cut of about 300 words and an addition of 800 (+500), and then I made fosteronfilm first reader it and went back and did a thorough edit and rewrite based upon his suggestions, resulting in a cull of about 2000 words . . . and cutting a character.

Going to give it another pass or two and then hand it off for editorial input.

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8 Responses to Me, editing machine, fzzzt-sparks

  1. gardenwaltz says:

    and cutting a character.
    Ouch, but no doubt the piece is stronger for it.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Oh, most definitely! Me being so wrapped up in being faithful to the original, it required the hubby to point out that one character could be completely excised without harming the main story. Urk.

  2. Writing is: “So not glamorous.”

    Glad to see someone besides me is disjointed at 2 in the morning and isn’t particularly fond of editing. I can’t wait to see the new story. Title is intriguing.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Writing is: “So not glamorous.”

      Yeah, glamorous is not at all how I feel when I’m slumped in my computer chair in my bathrobe, with my hair looking like it’s been used by a skunk as nesting material, and my eyes red and squinty from peering at the monitor. . .

  3. time_shark says:

    Federico Fellini has a great quote about editing, something about it being the most important part of creativity, but damned if I can remember it off the top of my head.

    I sometimes miss the days when I could think of writing as glamorous.

  4. miafedup says:

    9 hours sleep?? Such heaven.

    My new thing is to take one night every week, lie in bed at 7pm and do the sleeping thing for 11 hours. It’s giving me a new lease on life, lemme tell ya.

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