Meditating on Fluffiness

At the suggestion of dude_the, I have been meditating upon fluffiness in hopes of lifting my doldrums. A self-help book about the merits of fluffitude meditation would make oodles of bucks.

So yep, I am soothed by thoughts of fluff and fuzz and soft, warm fur. Fluffiness gives my psyche peace.

Spent much of last night snuggled on the couch with Hobkin playing the role of “stuffed skunk,” only stepping out of character to make the occasional snuffy-cooing noises and twitch his paws. Matthew took a picture:

I’m still feeling rather dubious on the emotional equilibrium front, but it’s hard to feel too weepy with Hobkin curled up in my lap.

Writing Stuff:

My princess fantasy story fulfilled one of the writing challenges my DC2K group had going, and I’m backed up on Critters, so I subbed it to my DC2K group for critique. Ann Crispin saw it (DC2K is composed of the members of her 2000 writers workshop at Dragon*Con, and Ann periodically pops in to catch up with us) and she’s sending me a critique for it! Definitely an unexpected honor and treat. Also incentive to post stories there more often!

Write a review of this week’s Sci-Fiction story for Tangent and emailed it to ye ole editor.

Received: 26-day “no” with invite to send more from Pedestal, and 90-day ditto “no” and ditto invite to send more from Story Station. Sigh. I could really use a nice, perky sale.

Word count: 700
Forging ahead on the SF story. The caffeine gods heed my pleas. All hail the caffeine gods. My writing productivity really shades my overall outlook on life. Completing a decent chunk of writing–both quantity- and quality-wise–makes me feel like a day has been worthwhile, whereas spinning my gears and/or writing crap demoralizes me.

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6 Responses to Meditating on Fluffiness

  1. nmsunbear says:

    Oh, that picture is the cutest thing! You both look so warm and content.

    Kudos to Hobkin for cheering you up. Keep the fluffy thoughts coming.

  2. *dies of cuteness*

    Every now and then I feel like I want a skunk, but then I remember this equation:

    One skunk is equal to ten Smudges.

    Smudge is our “problem” cat. If he can get into or onto something, he will. I wuv my Smudgey kitty, but he’s handful enough as it is. So I’ll content myself with your skunky cuteness 🙂 Besides it’s illegal to own skunks where we live now and where we’re planning to move.

  3. Whoa, is that thing real? Cool! I want one!

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