Metallic Love

I discovered the best LJ community EVAR yesterday: baaaaabyanimals. Now that’s an instant cute fix.

Later today is the first 2005 Dragon*Con all-staff meeting. I’m all confused about how many staff slots I have open. You’d think I’d have figured out how to count to ten by now, and yet . . .

Writing Stuff

Metallic Love by Tanith Lee arrived from in the mail yesterday. I set it aside for most of the afternoon, but it kept beckoning me, all seductive and alluring. I gave in to the inevitable, settled down with Hobkin on the couch, and submerged. I surfaced briefly to eat dinner and hammer out a few sentences on the WIP, and then checked out again until I finished it.

As the sequel to The Silver Metal Lover, one of my all-time favorite Tanith Lee books (who is one of my all-time favorite authors), it doesn’t hold up. I wasn’t as enamored with the new main character, Loren, as I was with Jane. Nor did I like the new Silver (renamed Verlis) as much. But overall, it was excellent–which is largely self-evident since I read it in effectively one sitting. If I weren’t holding it up to Silver Metal Lover, I’d probably give it higher marks. And it’s not that it suffers from being a sequel–Lee goes to great lengths to make Metallic Love a different sort of book; it’s definitely not another Romeo & Juliet–although there is quite a bit of closure in it. But in many ways it’s a closure I didn’t need. Overall, I don’t think it’s a book that needed to be written, but I greatly enjoyed it. And, very importantly, it didn’t ruin the first book for me, which I was somewhat anxious about.

Words: 100 – The barest minimum scrawled out in great haste so I could return to Metallic Love

Club 100 For Writers

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8 Responses to Metallic Love

  1. pagmatic says:

    Looking foward to seeing you again. I’m kinda confused who’s in and out this year. Maybe my wife can be persuaded to join up?

    Anyways, about the loss of the tech guy–you can ask at Techops for somebody? I’ll nominate Tim Gott.

    -See ya in a few hours. Know any good parking places?

  2. jmeadows says:

    oh no, the baby animals group. You’re doomed.

  3. scyllacat says:

    Thank you for baby animals. I’m feeling much better now.

  4. fahkingnut says:

    I should be able to attend this year’s Dragon*Con if you could use me again on staff.

    Love & Hugs,
    Rik Briscoe

  5. ethereal_lad says:

    You should try Tanith’s book of lesbian erotica, Fatal Women. It has the feel of the Paradys books without the overt magic (though, with her prose, they are certainly fantastic).
    By the way, I also submitted a story to So Fey…:-)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      My hubby gave me Fatal Women for my birthday. That’s next on my list of “Tanith Lee must read”s. I adore her style and voice. Tanith Lee is amazing.

      By the way, I also submitted a story to So Fey

      Coolness! Perhaps we’ll get to be TOC buddies!

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