Monday and no mail

Veteran’s day. USPS holiday. Sigh. I’m so mail-oriented.

6000 words into my S&S tale. But that’s real count. Manuscript count is over 7K. I’m kinda rattled at how long it’s become. Acht. I keep telling myself to just finish the damn thing, word length be damned, and then I can go back in and cut as needed. But once I reach this point, knowing how much I’ve got left (certainly over 1K, maybe even 2K), I get inhibited.

Stupid muse.

I liked Angel last night. I laughed much. It was nice, seeing Joss at work again. And then Connor entered. Agh. Went downhill from there in my estimation. And the whole Gunn/Fred relationship thing is now irritating me. What happened last episode should have strengthened their relationship, not weakened it, dammit.

But on a completely lascivious note, Alexis Denisof sure looked sexy. I like what they’ve turned Wesley into. Gives him a yummy edge. Rrrowwl.

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