Moody foo

Woke up feeling rather on the crappy side of things, emotionally. No reason. Just the vagaries of my chemical system. I know the Prozac needs to take a while to build up before it kicks in. Obviously, it hasn’t yet. I tried to self-medicate with copious caffeine, but it didn’t help. Instead I ended up feeling jittery as well as depressed. Lovely.

Writing Stuff

Channeled my vile mood into my writing. Apparently my muse was feeling goth, because she just ate up my blue funk. Good for her. I wasn’t up to picking up any of my WIPs–deficient attention span to go with my grim emotional state–so I did some flash. That worked surprisingly well. I actually started and completed two <1K pieces. Cathartic success. Twisted little things, the both of them. I handed one over to fosteronfilm to first reader. The second one I think needs a tweak or two at the end to punch it up before I show it to him.

I may feel like a cement mixer rolled over my soul, but at least it’s pumping ye olde writing bellows. Yay?

New Words: 2000

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8 Responses to Moody foo

  1. dude_the says:


    Sorry to hear about the funk. Bad chemicals. No Biscut! Of course, those chemicals, they just stick their tongues out at that, the cheeky little beasties. Foo, I say to them, foo! Foo and gorahfoo, even. One of these days, those chemicals, well… well, they’ll just go too far, and then where will they be? Up a creek, that’s where. All the way up that long creek and without any biscuts to comfort them, and that’s when the foresty greebles will laugh and laugh and covort a bit and laugh again. And then there will be dancing, lots of fuzzy dancing because the chemicals will have gotten what they deserve for being foo-worthy. Yup.

    OK, back to the review writing.

  2. pyanfar says:

    i ONLY write when i am depressed.
    then again, i don’t get paid for my bad melodramatic poetry…

  3. Hey there, Eugie. Paradox just arrived! I liked your story quite a bit; it’s my favorite so far. Also read, so far, the Simmons story, which was okay until the dialect/dialogue hit and then I abandoned it (personal pet peeve), and the Baldry story, which I really, really enjoyed until the sorta halfhearted resolution (it was rather an oddly plotted story, I thought). However I was tickled to see that Baldry is half of Erin Hunter, author of the Warriors series, which my daughter adores. We’d thought Erin Hunter was a real person and even sent ‘her’ fan email…


  4. keesa_renee says:

    Nothing like depression to get you writing…

    It’s the reverse for me…the story I’m writing is depressing me when I’m not depressed. :-/ Ahh, well.

  5. Anonymous says:

    From Dreamwind the critter, who still doesn’t have a blog.

    For caffeine fixes, try Chai rather than tea or coffee. The spices make for a yummy drink, and it tastes fine with soy milk for all us poor lactose intolerant people. Here in Australia I have found a manufacturer that makes a yummy blend called “choc chip chai” and it’s even better than ordinary chai.

    My crit should be arriving sometime in the next 24 hours. Sorry for extreme lateness, but I’ve had some family crises to deal with over past 2 weeks … as in my dad having to be resuscitated twice. Very bad.

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