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I’ve become so soft. Lows in the mid-30s, and I think it’s getting cold down here! Piffle. Must remind myself that I still don’t need to wear an overcoat outside and it’s the middle of November. That’d be an unheard of luxury in the Midwest.

For something completely different (and funny!) – a website that takes some of the popular spam headlines and makes cartoons out of them:

Writing Stuff:

I don’t usually do memes, but this one seemed apropos. WIP meme (post a single sentence from your works in progress):

From “The Center of the Universe” (slipstream fantasy): Memories like shadow shapes grew from the sightless emptiness, spurred by the familiar scents.

From “Rue and Ruin” (fantasy): Hunger was a close companion to all; his brother starvation hovered nearby, only awaiting a moment of misfortune to descend.

From “The Promise of a Princess” (working title, fantasy): In the sunlight, the pond was a burnished green, filled with water fronds and an underwater root labyrinth.

From “Gilded Cage” (working title, science fiction): The holovision was blaring some femme program with a glitzy off world set, and super-gorgeous men and women prancing around, jiggling and rippling suggestively from all angles.

New words: 100

In addition to the new words, I also cut a couple hundred in the course of a pair of editorial passes–post Matthew’s critique. He liked my story and had some very useful suggestions to make. His comment after reading it: “You were hit a lot by [Iris Chang’s] suicide.” Guess it was pretty obvious.

Anyhoo, I implemented (most of) his suggestions, and the story’s at first draft. Sent it up the Critters queue. Not sure if Andrew will post it tomorrow or next week since I submitted it pretty late in the Critters cycle. Either is copasetic.

Now should I return back to my various works in progress, or start something new? I seem to write much better with the impetus that fresh inspiration gives me, but at the same time, I feel like I ought to finish some of the projects I’ve got in various states of half-completion.

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