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Accomplished some Christmas shopping over the weekend. There’s still much to do. I need another week in December to prep for the holidays! And I think I might be coming down with something flu-like, despite having received one of the rare and exclusive flu shots. Ugh.

Writing Stuff:

Up to twelve crits at Critters on my current offering. Getting some mixed feedback, most of which I’m inclined to discount. But there is something which is having me pondering a major overhaul–exploring one of the character relationships deeper. But I’m not really sure how far I want to take it. Plus the damn story is already coming in at 10K, manuscript count.

Finished, at long last, my review for Tangent of this week’s Sci-Fiction story and emailed it off to ye olde editor.

Received a 33-day “clever but not for us” from On Spec. I think I need to really mull over whether it’s worth my while spending the oversea postage on the handful of foreign markets that don’t take electronic submissions.

Word count: 150 + (-)500.
Had an excellent brainstorming session with Matthew on the SF piece. Hacked off one of the sub-plot aspects of the story in order to give it better focus. Much happier with this approach. My hubby is quite clever. I think I’ll keep him.

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