My God, it’s August!

Somehow or other, the last week hasn’t properly registered. I just looked up at my calendar, and realized it was August! How did that happen?


In other news: our friend Paul is flying down from the Midwest to visit us tomorrow. We’re getting a mini-exodus of folks coming in to celebrate Matthew’s birthday over the next week+. He’ll be joined by Max next Wednesday and then Mike and Patrick the following Friday. Gaming, hot tubbing, and an evening at the Shakespeare Tavern. Woo! Fun will ensue. And I must find some time to bake a cake . . .

Writing stats:
– Culled 1000 words in some heavy editing of “Only Springtime.” Another run through and I’ll toss up the revision to Critters for next week’s review.
– Speaking of Critters, Andrew’s doing a triple-week next week. I’ve got “Only Springtime” going in then, but I’ve also got my high fantasy story completed and ready to go. It’s in zero draft status now, but another day of work will get it into first draft shape. I was set to MPC it for the week of the 21st, but Andrew’s announcement means than if I wait, it won’t hit until September 4th. Otherwise, I can put it up with an MPC for next week for the triple-week, but that means I’ll have two stories in the same review batch, which I don’t like doing. Argh. I’ve got until the weekend to decide on how I want to handle that.
– And a veritable bevy of Critters used their MPCs this week. There are three people up for review just in the MPCs alone that I want to do, including prosewitch‘s.

This is going to be a heavy crit and re-write week, I see.

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  1. reudaly says:


    Yeah, I didn’t realize he’s going to do a triple week either. Mine comes up in the middle of all that, too. If you’ve got two, then that narrows down what I read. But I’ll be doing more than three – it’ll give me something do in the airports while I’m traveling.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Re: Critters

      He’s never done a triple before. That’s a long time for a story to be up for review. I’ve had stuff up for doubles before, and usually by the time the middle of the second week rolls around, I feel done with getting feedback already. This will be interesting.

      • reudaly says:

        Re: Critters

        Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. I think…

        I understand, though, I’ll be out of town for my working vacation in the middle of all of that myself. It’s just interesting to see what’s going to happen with it all.

        But printing and taking a notebook of Critters work with me *is* sounding more and more doable and interesting and such. That way I kill airport time *and* get something accomplished!

  2. prosewitch says:

    Yay–I’m glad you remembered me! Who are the other people you’re going to crit? (maybe I’ll check them out…)

    • Eugie Foster says:

      I always do Norm Gillespie’s stuff and I always try to do anything by Jason Hauser. Both of them are really good at returning critiques, and Norm especially always has really insightful things to say in his crits.

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