My Jury Duty Nightmare Continues

In the so-sad-it’s-funny category, after my 2-month long ordeal serving on the grand jury in July-Aug, I’ve been summoned for jury duty again–this time trial jury.

So I am once again at the courthouse, waiting to do my civic duty. The only saving grace is that I’m a standby juror so I have a better chance of not being assigned to a trial. I hope.


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6 Responses to My Jury Duty Nightmare Continues

  1. Jerry Maynor says:

    I thought Fulton County had a “2 year rule”…you only had to serve once every 2 years. Is that really once for each type of jury?

  2. Eugie Foster says:

    Yep, it only applies to the specific type of jury duty. I’m off the hook for grand jury service for 18 months (not even 2 years!) but still eligible for trial jury. ‘Least I should be done for a little while with trial jury duty after today.

  3. I really liked jury duty. If they pay didn’t suck, I’d want to do it all the time. 🙂

  4. And they say voting has no price…

  5. Jerry Maynor says:

    they don’t just pull from the registered voters here IIRC. I think that there were some lawsuits saying that a jury pool based on registered voters were not representative of the county’s population so they also include everyone with driver’s licenses.

  6. Tom Marcinko says:

    I thought I was way too clever to be picked, but apparently Pinal County, AZ did not agree with me. The upside for me was to hear a story of petty crime worthy of the Coen Bros., including a guy who shot himself in the foot while taking it upon himself to make a citizen’s arrest.

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