My new domain

Thanks to the folks who responded ’bout my domain registration question! I decided to go with as my registrar, although was a close second. There was a ten cent difference between their prices, but identical services otherwise.

*drum roll* I now own Hurray!

I’ll be pointing it to my comcast URL. Didn’t need to mess with hosting or anything that way (since Comcast is already taking their pound o’flesh every month). My new domain name should be live as soon as all the registration stuff propagates through the proper channels–they said in 24-48 hours.

Neat. I won’t have to worry about my stupid ISP changing again.

That was a lot easier and cheaper than I thought it was going to be. I feel like I ought to have done it a long time ago. Oh well, better late than not at all, I guess.

Now I get to change all the contact info. on my cards and everything . . .

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  1. Hurray for your new domain!!! *cheers*

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