Nebula Zombie at the Capitol

Stayed up until the Nebula nomination period ended (!#$& PST timezone!) in a fit of nervous suspense, hitting refresh compulsively on the nomination tally poll. A couple eleventh-hour (literally) recs kept “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest” in the running (thank you, whoever you were!). Now waiting for the Nebula committee to tally the paper nomination ballots to see if “Sinner” made the final ballot.

I am so totally thrashed this AM. Not gonna be at my best at work today…and probably all this week. Final ballot comes out on the 20th.

Waiting is.

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15 Responses to Nebula Zombie at the Capitol

  1. nojojojo says:

    Gah, the 20TH?! I can’t take this waiting. (I’m at the top of the “short story” category, but I’m convinced there’s like fifty paper ballots out there, all voting for Mike Resnick or something.)

    But I sincerely hope “Sinner” made it; I love that story.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      Yeah, I know, The 20th! I think I’ve lost years off my life this week from all the edge-of-my-seat, nail-biting suspense.

      I can’t imagine how “Non-Zero Probabilities” wouldn’t be on the final ballot. Not only is it an amazing story, but mathematically speaking, it would take a veritable tidal wave to knock it off.

      • nojojojo says:

        That’s true, re the tidal wave. I’m looking on the site, though, and I don’t see anything about the 20th — is that listed somewhere?

        • Eugie Foster says:

          The complete Nebula Award rules are listed under the 2009 Nebula Nomination Ballot on the forum.

          It’s paragraph (12), subsection (d):

          d. The FINAL BALLOT shall be made available for viewing no later than February 20th.

    • j_cheney says:

      I recall reading on one of the forums that although ballots were sent out to the poeple without e-mail addresses, paper ballots were requested by a grand total of 2 people…

      That could have changed by now, but you look safe ;o)

  2. jaylake says:

    Good luck. I dream of making the Neb ballot some year, but have never come very close to the top 5 myself.

    • klingonguy says:

      Apparently in the current rules it’s now the top SIX.

      And as of the online tally, you managed to come in 8th (or actually 7th, as #6 & #7 are a tie). Sigh.

    • Eugie Foster says:

      It’s a lifelong dream of mine, too, to have one of my stories appear on the Nebula ballot, which is why I’m absolutely certain that after they tally the paper ballots, I’ll find that “Sinner” has been knocked out of the running. But hey, Mr. Campbell-Award-Winner, aren’t these award thingies old hat for you ?

  3. klingonguy says:

    Best of luck. I’m happy to have done my part. 🙂

  4. mercwriter says:

    Good luck! I have fingers and toes crossed that “Sinner” makes it onto the ballot! *tries not to fall over trying to walk now* 😉

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