Networking, In the Heat of the Night, Goodbye Angel

Huzzah! After a few bad starts and some confusion, Matthew figured out how to network our computers together! I think. Both computers appear to be on civil speaking terms. And yes, the fact that one of them is a Win ’98 and the other is a Win XP does indeed seem to have been the culprit of an inordinate amount of trouble. Lovely MicroSoft products.

Watched In the Heat of the Night. Actually I listened to most of it, as AMC was showing it quite late and I was trying to fall asleep. But my insomnia kicked in (which is unusual–it typically manifests in the early AM) and the storyline pulled me in. Extremely sympathetic character that Virgil Tibbs. Although thanks to all the CSI I’ve been watching, I cringed when he didn’t don latex gloves in the course of his homicide investigation, and I wanted to shout “you’re compromising the crime scene!” to nearly everyone. The movie, overall, was terribly uncomfortable to watch/listen to. There was a tension underlying it transcending the racial issue, although decidedly accented by it. And it was shot in such a way to convey much heat and grit. Yet it was a very good movie. I just don’t feel the need to see it again any time soon. Although now I feel like I should, just to catch the parts I missed or only saw as a blur as I squinted at the TV without my glasses.

Also watched the last Angel episode. Matthew and I discussed last week who we thought was going to die. We were right. That was a nicely poignant scene. Unfortunately, the rest of it was disappointing, especially the end. I actually sat in stunned disbelief for several seconds after the credits came up, and when I emerged from my shock, shouted “NO!” at the TV. Going to try to wipe this last season from my consciousness.

Picked up my chest x-rays after work. The medical folks were supposed to forward them to the facility I’m having my diaphragm test at tomorrow. We called them weeks ago. Did they? Of course not. So I get to courier them myself. Pffft.

Big weekend coming up. Tomorrow got lots of doctor stuff to do. Saturday is britzkrieg‘s birthday celebration, and Sunday is the Dragon*Con staff meeting. Just heard back from one of my staff from last year who doesn’t think she’ll be able to make it, so it looks like I have a staff opening. That’s timely at least, although I’m bummed that I’m losing her as a reporter.

Writing stuff:

My Tangent editor once again appears to be MIA. I realize he has a lot on his plate, but I really do try to get my reviews to him in a timely fashion. It’s a bit disheartening when it then takes him up to two weeks to publish them, especially when my current assignment is a weekly. *grumble*

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  1. terracinque says:

    Eugie, are you kidding? That was a perfect ending. Much, much better than Buffy‘s ending last year.

    “It’s not important whether you win, just that you keep fighting.”

    Team Angel went out fighting. I couldn’t imagine any better, more fitting end to the characters or to the series.

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