New WordPress Websites (instead of writing)

So instead of working on the stories I’ve got on my plate, including one with a  scary-looming deadline, I’ve been doing some WordPress web development. For three websites actually:

  • Created a website for a new novelist:
  • Made a new website for my good friend and talented photographer/filmmaker, Patrick Roberts…which isn’t quite done yet.
  • And, ta dah, overhauled my own site,

Was getting pretty tired of having to keep patching up the hacks I made to my last theme, and WordPress has implemented some nice functionality in the recent upgrade series that I hadn’t been able to take advantage of, like drag-n-drop custom menus (!), so it was time. Streamlined the backend of my site’s organization as well to make it faster to update.


Okay, enough with the excuses. Back to the stare down with my current story deadline…

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One Response to New WordPress Websites (instead of writing)

  1. Deadlines…yeah…*shivers*

    I missed a deadline on something last weekend. Completely totally forgot about it. Been kicking myself in the butt since. I’d smack myself upside the head but, arthritic hands, it being almost winter and all….

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