Next Week Chemo Round Two Begins

Next week I’m slated to have my second chemotherapy infusion on Wednesday with my neulasta injection to follow on Friday morning. Technically, I should have the chemo on Thursday, but for obvious reasons*, Thursday wasn’t good for scheduling purposes.

Being on the tail end of chemo cycle one, I feel a bit better prepared, expectation-wise, for this upcoming session. Everyone says the first one is the worst. If that’s the case, sure, I got this.

Of course, the one after this one (chemo cycle three) begins the intrathecal (lumbar puncture) infusions. I feel far less cavalier about the prospect of those.

[*Just realized it might not be obvious to folks who aren’t on the American holiday calendar. Thursday is our Thanksgiving holiday.]

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5 Responses to Next Week Chemo Round Two Begins

  1. Jeri Klein says:

    It took me a solid 30 seconds to realize what Thursday is. And we just went shopping for everything yesterday. Hahaha

  2. Anne O'Connor says:

    Blessings on you, Eugie. I hope you and Matthew can compartmentalize what’s coming and have a happy, overeating Thanksgiving Day. And yes, I’ve heard the first round of chemo is the worst.

  3. Will be sending lots of supportive thoughts your way…

  4. Janice Clark says:

    In a proper science fiction future world, cancer treatment would consist of a diagnosis and analysis by a wonderful machine, which would then produce customized nanobytes that would zero in on the problem area and fix it, with no side effects. Or better yet, it would be prevented from ever taking hold in the first place. Alas, we’re not there yet, but I’m so glad that treatment seems to be working and isn’t unbearably horrible.

  5. E Krock says:

    Your secret superhero identity can be The Human Pincushion … 😉 Good luck, you will get through this. Just think how annoyed you’ll be when they invent a painless nano treatment 10 years after you finish chemo … 😉

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